Oh my Odin! It’s Vikingfest!

Yay!  My computer has been on the fritz since I moved and I’ve been relying on my friends and family for computer access (hence the lack of blog posts).  But I now have a brand spankin’ new power supply and I’m back up and running bitches! 


My life is once again complete.

On to the fun stuff…Vikingfest!

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Because I’m way prouder of my heritage than any decendant of rapists and pillagers should be, I decided that it would be fun to go to Vikingfest not one, but two days over the weekend. That, and I’ve been deprived of lefse for far too long and one days worth simply wasn’t enough.


I am lucky enough to have a double dose of viking blood from both the Norwegians and the Danes. I wrote a bit about growing up Norwegian while reviewing Thor but there’s more to it than mythology.  There’s the fact that we (and by we, I mean Leif Ericson) discovered America 500 years before the rest of Europe (suck it Columbus).  You know that Bluetooth gizmo that all the douchebags never take out of their ears? It’s named after Harald Bluetooth who was King of Denmark and Norway in the late 900’s.  The Bluetooth symbol?  His initials in Nordic runes. Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark, is the oldest flag still in modern use and was sent to King Valdemar II by God himself (I’m just going to assume that this legend is true) during the Battle of Lyndanisse.  It’s so awesome that the design was stolen by Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

Yes, I’m a history nerd…though not of the caliber that my friend Pete is. Seriously, don’t try to out-fact him, he’ll kick your ass every time.

Going back to Vikingfest 2011. It’s kind of like a Renaissance Faire only with women dressed as Valkyrie instead of wenches. Uhmmmm, more awesome much?!

Here are some pics from Vikingfest:

A chick warrior!!  I gotta give her props because that armor was ridiculously heavy.

Pretty sure she can kick my ass

 A traditional Viking tent dwelling.

I could get used to this

Party in Valhalla!

I'm totally wearing this the next time I go grocery shopping

I got the Danish from my Dad and the Norwegian from myMom.  We have epic “uff da” vs. “oof dah” battles.

The woman who taught me how to make lefse

Testing equipment with Don, one of my parental units.

He's Scottish but I like him anyway

Norwegian recliner.

It's more comfortable than it looks

 My new kitchen towel knows what’s up.

You've been warned

The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a pirate “heavy mahogany” rock band.  I didn’t know you could play heavy metal without electricity until I saw them.  (oh, and nice hat dude in the front row).

Fellow rapists and pillagers

And last, but not least, my favorite t-shirt ever.

Epic win

Next month there’s a jousting competition and a Scottish festival. I’m not Scottish (does a touch of Irish count?) but I dig a man in a kilt so you can bet your sporran that I’ll be there.

5 Nerdy Things About The AMP Music Festival

Two Hot Nerd Girls. You're welcome.

I got the heads up about the AMP Music Festival from it’s Producer Andy Lowe (who directed Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Live! in San Diego a couple of months ago).  He drew me in with videos of George Takei…an excellent method of nerdy seduction.  When he mentioned press passes I was officially sold.

On the surface it doesn’t seem like there’s anything nerdy about a music festival…unless you’re a music nerd…which I’m not really.  BUT, this festival had a few nerdy things going for it and I like Andy so I’m going with it.

Nerdy thing #1

George Takei starred in the promo (also directed by Andy Lowe).  I posted it on the facebook page last week and if you didn’t watch it, you should, because it’s uber funny.  Alas, I didn’t see George there.  If I had you would have heard the nerdgasm half way around the world, I can guarantee it.

Nerdy thing #2

Jane Lui (who played Penny in Dr. Horrible Live!) performed.  She’s a doll and talented as all get out.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this…

Others that stood out for me?  Terry Matsuoka, Sam Kang, Lindsey Yung, and Michael Carreon.  Check ’em out.  It’ll be worth your time, I promise you.

Nerdy thing #3

There was a band called Science Fiction.  No joke.  They played jazz.  Science fiction jazz.  It was kind of like hanging out at Mos Eisley’s.  But outside…  Anyhooters…their version of MJ’s Thriller was epic. 

*side note: my high school friends will appreciate the fact that when this song started my first thought was “they’re playing Didomite?!?”  Uff da.

Nerdy thing #4

They had cosplay girls there.  Y’all know I love my costumes and hot girls in costume are just a win-win.

Photo by Christina Rogers

Nerdy thing #5

AAA aka Asian American Awesomeness.  Pretty much every performer I saw was an amateur comedian and they were hysterical.  The songs about being book smart and taking off your shoes before going into your house had me in stitches.  And they gave scholarships away to kids that seriously deserve it.  It gave me warm fuzzies.

Oh, and they had prizes.  Beer visors for all!

Yes, this is my Mom. I take her places because she’s kick ass.

Big thanks to Andy Lowe for hooking me up with a day of fantastic entertainment!  Now I don’t just owe you one, I owe you two!