“Ask a Nerd Girl” – 2nd edition (part 2)

Ask a Nerd Girl

Welcome to Part 2 of the 2nd Edition of “Ask a Nerd Girl.” If you’re question wasn’t answered in Monday’s Part 1, there’s a good chance it’s been here answered in Part 2. If not, than look for it in Part 3 early next week.



David P: Which type of apocalypse would you prefer?

A. Zombie
B. Alien
C. Robot
D. Kitten

Zombies are my biggest fear so that one’s out. I love aliens and robots but “apocalypse” suggests that they are of the Alien and Terminator variety as opposed to the Vulcan and Data variety. So I guess Kittens? They have sharp little claws though. They could do some damage by the time they are done.

Juan H via Twitter: @hot_nerd_girl I read an article a while back about a new Trek series being in the works, taking place years after Voyager. True or rumor? 

True. Sort of. There is a group of Star Trek actors led by Tim Russ that are raising money to film a pilot for a proposed new Trek series called Star Trek: Renegades. I first learned about this via my facebook friendship with Manu Intiraymi who is one of the stars involved. They met their initial goal of $200,00 and have almost reached the second milestone of $250,000. To help them raise the last $7000 and change, click HERE for the Kickstarter Campaign page.

And yes, I want this to happen. And yes, I’m very excited about it. If you haven’t seen Star Trek: Of Gods and Men yet, you should. It was made on a very tight budget but it’s worth it to watch.

Greg W: Have you watched the TV shows “The IT Crowd” and “Big Bang Theory“? If so, how do you think the conversation would go if they met? 

By the way if you haven’t seen them they are brilliant and you should definitely watch them.

Big Bang Theory – heck yes! The IT Crowd – sadly, no. I don’t get much time to watch TV so I can’t watch everything I want to watch. Unfortunately, that means I can’t answer your question. But if it involves The Big Bang Theory then it’s bound to be funny.

Mark E: Dear HNG, Can you please choose one or the other in the following 10 categories?

Carbonite or CorbamiteCorbomite because, even though it’s not “real,” it gets you OUT of trouble. Carbonite is where you find yourself when you’re IN trouble.

Han or LukeHan. Definitely Han. I quote him at least 5 times a day, if not more.

Chewbacca or JaneI’m assuming you’re referring to Jayne Cobb from Firefly, yes? Chewie. He’s loyal ‘til the bitter end. Jayne is awesome but there’s always the chance he might sell you out (and even worse, fail at it). Now, if you had asked Chewbacca or Zoe, it might have been a different story.

Milenium Falcon or SerenityOh man, now THAT is a tough question. Both are buckets of bolts with Captains who are madly in love with them. Gah. This one is going to make my head explode. Fuck it, I can’t decide.

Storm Troopers or DaleksDaleks are a much bigger threat. And I like their voices. I walk around talking like them sometimes to the amusement of only me and no one else.

Batman or SupermanThey are so different. I like that Superman is a positive and I like that Batman is a negative. They balance each other out. Although, when presented with a costume choice last year, I went with Batman so I guess my subconscious knows the answer to that better than I do.

Wonder Woman or Lara CroftEasy. Wonder Woman.

Batmobile or Aston MartinAston’s are nice cars and 007 looks mighty fine in them but anyone who chooses one over the Batmobile needs to get their head checked.

Web shooters or Jet bootsoooOOooo! Good question! I’ve always wanted to fly and while Spider-Man’s web-shooters allow you to fling yourself around, it’s not really flying. Iron Man’s jet boots allow for actual, honest to God flight. I’ll take the boots.

Coffee cake or Apple pieApple pie.

Paul W: I’m sure someone has asked you this before, but Star Trek or Star Wars?

Jamin G: Star Trek or Star Wars?

Both. Screw the people who think there has to be some major war between the Trekkies and the Fanboys. It’s possible to be a fan of both franchises.

Jay F: Who do you credit with first awakening the nerd girl within when you were a child? A parent, friend, or nerd relative?

My parents watched Star Trek so I literally do not remember a time without Star Trek in my life. I owe my nerdiness to them, I suppose, but even more so, I applaud them for letting me be myself. Neither my brother nor I were ever pegged into gender roles. We were allowed to grow and thrive and explore without judgment but within reason (i.e. we had to tell them when we were going off on adventures and whatnot). I got insanely lucky in the Parental Unit department. Through marriage, divorce and unusual circumstances I ended up with 6 of them and they are and were fantastic, absolutely fantastic (and do you know what? So was I. >>> 10 brownie points to the first person who gets that reference)

Billy P: when did you become a hot nerd girl? 

I’ve always been a nerd. I’m pretty sure that I’ve always been a girl. I don’t know that I’ll ever get used to the whole “hot” thing. Before my friend convinced me to call my blog “Hot Nerd Girl” you never would have heard me describe myself that way. It’s just not my personality.

Tommy E: Two questions. Now that Disney bought LucasArts and the rights to the Star Wars franchise….. the first is who should direct? and the second is where would like to see this trilogy focus?


Seeing the restoration of the Jedi would be awesome.

Dale S: For your ask a Hot Nerd Girl anything:
I currently work as a military contractor using virtual reality to train soldiers before deployment…. Not enough amount of geek, too much amount of geek, or just right amount of geek?

Sounds like good amount. Not many people can say that they do what you do. There’s a definite sci-fi quality to your job. Cheers to you by the way, anything that helps our Military stay out of harm’s way is win-win imho.

Michael E: Saw your post to send you a question, hopefully I’m allowed a two-fer…I was curious what made you get started with a Facebook page for everything nerd? And the other part to see what kind of nerd you are, do you play any video games ever, namely on the 360? ~Michael aka SoulSeekkor (people call me Soul)

Hot Nerd Girl started with the blog. It’s the foundation for this whole thing. The facebook page is great because it provides a community and gives me an outlet to post the little thoughts and meme’s that are too short and sweet for the blog. I know that some bloggers specialize in short posts but that’s just not my style. I’m a writer so if I get started on something I don’t stop until I’m at least 500 words in. Sometimes I have to keep myself from writing a dissertation on here.

My nerdiness revolves around science fiction, fantasy, horror, cartoons, comic books, science and history. I read voraciously. I wanted to be either an astronaut or an archaeologist when I grew up. Nature fascinates me. I think that I’m a pretty well rounded nerd. I’m not much of a gamer as an adult because I’ve got wrist problems (I talked about that in Monday’s “Ask a Nerd Girl” part 1) but I was as a kid and I miss it a lot.

Mike M: Favorite Babylon 5 character?

I only watched Babylon 5 sporadically. Mostly the TV movies. It was on around the same time as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and I was so busy with school, acting and dancing that I spent most of my free time reading and watching Star Trek. I have it in my Netflix queue with plans to go back and revisit it. Random personal fun fact: I played the Priest in a stage version of the episode “Intersections in Real Time.” That was a lot of fun.

David K: Why am I buzzed after the men without hats show and telling you about it?

Contact high?

Andrew G: favorite Jedi?


Lizzy T: Where’s the continum transfunctioner?

Ask Chester. Just don’t give it to any hot chicks if you find it.

David E: The spoon: eating utensil or deadly weapon?

I’ve flicked many a pea at my brother with my spoon so, in my case, perhaps it would be somewhat accurate to declare it a deadly weapon.

Kyle S: Do you think we live in The Matrix?

I hope not. But anything is possible I suppose. If given the choice, I’d take the red pill.

Leo N: Why are you so attractive?

I guess I got good genes?

Stefan H: why are you so damn sexy?

This seems like a pretty simple question but I had to think long and hard about it because I don’t consider myself particularly sexy. I’m a tomboy and I’m very shy and awkward, especially around strangers but also with friends and people I’ve known for years, so my natural inclination is to try and blend in or stay on the outskirts where I can observe but not necessarily participate. I’m also a major prude. I am not comfortable in outfits and costumes that are super revealing. My Mom has to knock me upside the head and tell me to be “big and brave and bold” constantly. My friends and family, quite literally, liquor me up before conventions and photo shoots and I surround myself with people that I feel comfortable with at all times. So I don’t know that I’m necessarily “sexy” the way that most people define it. I think that if I am it’s because, regardless of my shyness and my prudishness, I’m completely unapologetic about who I am. I’m not trying to be anything or anyone that I’m not and I think that there’s something inherently attractive in that.

Nathan A: how does one achieve your level of awesomeness?

By being yourself and having the attitude that people can take it or leave it.

PJ T: Did you ever play with Barbie dolls?

I did have a few that were given to me, mostly by an Aunt who was trying to make me girlier, I think…anyways, one of them was a Navy Barbie and my Dad was in the Navy so I actually kind of liked that one. One of them ended up decapitated and hanging from my bedroom ceiling as some kind of teenage protest against something that I don’t even remember (that sounds really bizarre but I actually had a ton of random stuff hanging from my ceiling and every inch of the walls and ceiling were covered with posters as seen here in this actual picture of my bedroom in High School). But mostly they were only good for GI Joe to save from the dinosaurs that were about to eat them. I kind of remember one of them being used as a freakishly tall April when my brother and I played with our Ninja Turtles.

Mike D: Do you think I’d succeed with a FB page called Average Appearance Nerd Guy?

If you post neat stuff, then sure, why not?

John L: Kirk or Picard ?

Christina M: Kirk or Picard?

I love them both so I can only answer this question by thinking about which Captain I would rather serve under and the answer to that is Picard. But I’d rather be friends with Kirk.

Mike R: Favorite comic book character?

Ever since I was a kid my favorites have been Thor and X-Men. I even collected the trading cards.

Erik D: Can I buy you a drink

Jay P: When are we going out on a date?

Marcus W: Would you like to join my wife and I for an evening of drinks and a night of wild and racy good times?

Alan W: Will you marry me?

Loman L: marry me?

Daniel S: Marry me?

James L: Will you marry me?

Jessee L: will you marry me. lol ^_-

Dac M: no, marry me.. please^^

Kevin C: ARE YOU MARRIED? If not would you like to go to a convention sometime?

I’m very flattered but I’m spoken for. I’m always down to go to a good convention.

George M: How many guys ask you out via the Internet?

It happens every once in a while. Much more than in real life. It’s kind of a joke in my circle that I get into a relationship with anyone who asks me out because I get asked out so infrequently. Usually it’s a bunch of people jokingly asking me to marry them (see above) 😉

Max C: All these marry me and are you single comments just scream “I’m a creeper!”

I disagree. I think that the vast majority are very sweet and I appreciate the fact that they find me worthy enough to ask whether they are joking about it or not.

The creepy ones are obvious, speaking of which….

Jared F: are you LGBT? If not, are you DTF?

I am not LGBT but I support those who are. And uhhhh….no.

Aaron W: Is it better to be a history nerd or a science nerd?

It’s best to be yourself and nerd out however you see fit.

Mike B: Light saber or blaster?


Rick H: PC, or Mac?

I use a PC at home and a Mac at work. I generally prefer PC.

Paul W: how many outfits do you have for when the DR calls?

I’m assuming you mean The Doctor from Doctor Who. I’d go with just the clothes on my back if it meant I got to be a Companion.

Amanda M: mah…i cant think of a good question

Maybe next time 😉

Anthony L: Actually really curious about how good you are at Chess.

I’m decent. I haven’t played much in the last few years but I used to play quite a bit. Always casual though, I’ve never been in a (serious) club or played with a timer.

Jay W: Fave tv show ever?

Star Trek. It’s my first love.

Matthew M: Soooo… coiming to see us in Louisville for FANDOMFEST 2013? We have Shatner and Stan Lee!

I would love to! But probably not 🙁

Frnsc I: ok.. better one.. where’s the sexiest place you have ever RPG/LARPD-ed? XD

Sexiest? At home in my pajamas lol. I was big into RPGing for a few years in High School and College. I’ve never been much of a LARPer but that’s mostly because I don’t really know anyone who does it and I don’t have time to join a club.

Makaala F: wanna come to Colorado with me and snowboard?

I was in Colorado in July for my step-brother’s wedding. It was my 2nd time there and I loved it. I kind of suck at snowboarding 🙁 It’s not nearly as “cool” but I’m a much better skier.

Gord K: Top or bottom?

Variety is the spice of life.

D Arth V: How does one ask a nerdy girl out without being rejected?

Don’t do this to her:

gamer girl

Aaron C: Have you ever outnerded a boyfriend and it cause problems with the relationship?

I’ve way outnerded every guy I’ve ever been in a relationship with. By far. No problems yet.

David P: If you were attacked by a group of ninjas, what Ex-Villian-turned-good-guy would you choose to fight by your side?

Emma Frost from Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men.

Carl D: I posted an awesome photo of a pumpkin Death Star on your wall. Did you like it?

Of course.

Jessicah B: What education have you completed?

I graduated Cum Laude from San Francisco State University. It was the closest I could physically get to Starfleet Academy. My parents can testify that I went there for that reason.

Eddie S: What do you think about age difference between couples and dating?

As long as both people are consenting adults age ain’t nuthin’ but a number.

Yacov G: do we know each other?

Not that I know of. But maybe we knew each other in a past life??!!

Matthew G: What do you think of the show Arrow?

I haven’t seen it yet :/

Tim C: If Batman played against Sherlock Holmes in a game of Uno who would win?

Bruce Wayne is incredibly intelligent but Sherlock Holmes would probably kick everyone’s ass at anything even remotely cerebral.

Andy R: Is wearing women’s underwear part of your on?

Part of my on? Not sure I understand the question. But I do wear women’s underwear…when I’m not wearing Underoos, that is.

Nico J: Have there been times when you felt you had to amp up or tone down the hotness/nerdiness/girliness?

In regards to the nerdiness and girliness, no. I’ve always been a tomboy and I’ve always been a nerd and I’m very true to myself. A couple of friends have suggested I amp up the hotness and I have stretched beyond my comfort zone twice (Slave Leia and Superman undies) but because I don’t think of myself as “hot” or “sexy” it is difficult for me to pose in those costumes without feeling totally ridiculous. My comfort level increases with each photo shoot though, thanks in huge part to my friend and photographer Jonny Ups. Most of the time I’m dressed like a 13-year-old boy in a nerdy t-shirt, jeans, baseball socks, and chucks. That’s how I feel most comfortable.




  1. Paul says:

    Are you sure you are not Felicia Day in disguise? 🙂

    1. hotnerdgirl says:

      Positive 😉 But I’ll take that as a compliment!

  2. I really like the picture of your high school-age bedroom. It looks like the product of a remarkable (if somewhat chaotic) mind. I bet you are quite an interesting person to know in real life.

    1. hotnerdgirl says:

      You should have seen it in person. It was insane! I have some more pictures of it but they’re all kinda crappy. Before digital cameras and all that. I haven’t changed all that much because my office is covered with posters as well lol. I guess I need a lot of visual stimulation to get the creative juices flowing…?

      1. As adults, I think that’s exactly what we do with our personal space – arrange and decorate it so that it’s conducive to our purposes. I’m lucky enough to be able to leave most of my work at work, so my home office is generally used for relaxation – reading, playing video games, and goofing off on the Internet. And it reflects that; shelves groaning with books, a desk stacked with PC games, two computers, a comfy futon … oh, and a kitty bed, because it’s important for the cat to be comfortable where I’m comfortable.

        As teenagers, I think how we decorate is more about stating who were are. We’re establishing identities at that age, and we want others – at least those we allow into our personal space – to know it. Adults do this too, but, unless one is particularly self-involved, personal statements are a secondary consideration. What we mostly want is an environment that’s going to help us do what we want to do.

        Anyway, great post. You certainly do bring the interesting. Looking forward to the final installment!

  3. As always, I enjoyed your candid answers Tracy! Although we’ll have to agree to disagree that its possible to be an equal fan of both Trek and Star Wars! I’ve got a 20 year feud dwith one of my best friends proving that, LOL! Anyway, keep up the good work. I look foward to part 3!

    1. hotnerdgirl says:

      Haha! I guess I’m an anomaly then? Thanks Paul 🙂

  4. Vidar says:

    Have you ever watched the series “Spartacus”? It’s a great show, if you haven’t you should check it out!