“Ask a Nerd Girl” – 2nd edition (part 3)

Ask a Nerd Girl

Welcome to Part 3 of the 2nd Edition of “Ask a Nerd Girl.” If you’re question wasn’t answered in Monday’s Part 1 or Friday’s Part 2, there’s a good chance it’s been answered here in Part 3. If not, than look for it in (the final) Part 4 later this week.



Jeffrey S: What would you suggest as the proper order for watching the Star Wars saga:
1. 1,2,3,4,5,6
2. 4,5,6,1,2,3
3. 4,5,6 and use the rest as coasters?

I prefer the Machete Order (IV, V, II, III, VI)

Or, if you insist on having all of the films included, then the Ernst Rister order (IV, V, I, II, III, VI)

Jonathon M: Do you think the human race can have the Star Trek lifestyle without the devastating nuclear war as stated in First Contact?????

Part of me wants to say YES. But part of me wonders if it would be possible to bring the entire human race together without a cataclysmic event that forces it to happen. I’m not sure why but we are a divisive, power hungry species and until we learn to channel that instinct in a positive direction, we are doomed to repeat history over and over again, I’m afraid.

Robert P: What’s in the top room of The Dark Tower?

I have read a lot of Stephen King but The Dark Tower is one series that I haven’t read yet. It’s on my list. I have a very, very long list. I’ll get to it eventually.

Andrea C: As a fellow nerd girl I’m wondering how you explain your preferences of one piece of geekdom over another? I’ve been asked (on multiple occasions) whether I prefer Marvel or DC, while to many this may seem simple I come out and say Marvel for the heroes and DC for the villains, with the exception of Wonder Woman though I don’t like many of her stories I like the premise and history of her character. By the time I get that far the not as geeky as I am person has glazed over eyes and most likely lost interest. Yes usually it’s a normal/muggle/mundy type male that I’m speaking with if that makes a difference.

I’m probably not the right person to ask about this because I often get the glazed over look as well. Even worse is when you don’t have an answer, such as when people ask you what your favorite Star Trek series is. I mean, why is it so hard to comprehend that I love them all and I can’t choose?!? It’s a conundrum, because I’m very shy but I’ll open right up if someone asks me a question about sci-fi/fantasy/comic books/etc. But after 2 minutes they lose interest because they have no idea what I’m talking about. This is usually when the worst of the social awkwardness sets in. I don’t want to go back to talking about mortgage rates and they don’t want to continue talking about why Thor regained his memories in baby steps. We find ourselves at a conversational impasse and I start getting the feeling that they think I’m strange. At that point I usually end up mumbling something about having to find someone or get something before I bolt in the opposite direction and spend the rest of the time doing my best impression of a wallflower.

Joseph G: Do you think Jason has might mares, and if so can Freddie invade his night mares?

I think that Freddie can invade anyone’s nightmares, so sure, why not? Jason drowned and had a pretty crappy childhood so I would imagine that he has nightmares. He targets not-nice people so, in his own warped way, he’s administering justice to his victims. I never saw Freddie vs. Jason, but I think it ended in a stalemate, didn’t it?

Robie C: Ok I have 2 daughters. The 1st fell far from the nerd tree and doesn’t like any of it. The 2nd did get into the superhero world but I think it was more or less due to her love of cartoons and her being an artist. I tried exposing them to all my beloved sci fi and comic loves and even some I didn’t. Alas it did not take. I now have another shot at it with my new granddaughter. Rather than fail once more I am seeking your advice on how I can bring the next generation into the light. What 1st brought you into the wonderful world of nerds?

I was raised with Star Trek from day one. Star Wars and fantasy such as Lord of the Rings came in when I was about 4. Our family would go hiking in Muir Woods and search for Ewoks. I got into comic books in elementary school and got serious about them in 5th grade. I was always a tomboy so I naturally veered towards boyish things, like playing baseball as opposed to softball. I think some of it can be attributed to having a Dad in the Navy. We moved a lot when I was a kid and I have always had a hard time making friends because I’m so shy. But I could always take a book or a comic with me and have something to do that didn’t require other people. My little brother had similar interests and we were often each other’s only friend right after a move so we fed each other’s nerdiness. I’m all about letting kids be themselves and letting them explore their own interests but I’ve gotten several questions like this in this round of “Ask a Nerd Girl” so I’ve been thinking about it a lot for the past week or so and I think that there are things you can do to at least encourage a nerdy side of someone who wouldn’t otherwise be nerdy. If a little girl is in to princesses, for example, reading her something like Lord of the Rings that has Elf princesses (albeit few and far between in the novels) can be enough to spark an interest. Watching Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Last Unicorn, The Princess Bride, The Secret of NIMH, or Legend, just to name a few, can feed the girlie side and the nerdy side simultaneously.

Mark B: what did you think of the Transformer movies? and do you watch Transformers Prime?

I think that they are ok. I enjoyed the first one, notsomuch the second one, and sort of the third one. I prefer the old cartoons that I grew up with but there are days when watching giant fighting robots and crazy explosions and hot chicks screaming hits the spot, ya know? I do not watch Transformers Prime. Is it good?

Kirk W: How long have you been a nerd?

Dusty N: When did you realize you were a nerd?

I literally can’t remember not being a nerd. My 2 earliest memories are of sitting on my step-grandpa’s lap just before he died and of sitting on the floor watching Star Trek. I remember seeing Balok’s puppet and turning around to look at my parents sitting on the couch behind me. When I could see that they weren’t scared I knew that I didn’t have to be either. Both of those incidents happened before I was two years old.

Dallas W: What is Joss Whedon’s signature scene, and if he had directed Star Trek, what scenes would have involved b——–t?

Is that last word “bullshit”? Or am I missing something here? It’s tough to identify one signature scene. In Buffy and Firefly alone I can think of several. One pops in to mind that I think is a good example of Joss’ mentality towards people in general. It’s the very end of the Firefly episode “Safe” when Malcolm and Simon share this exchange:

Simon: Captain, why did you come back for us?
Mal: You’re on my crew.
Simon: Yeah, but you don’t even like me. Why’d you come back?
Mal: You’re on my crew. Why are we still talking about this?

And then they go into the galley and have what can only be described as a family dinner. It’s a message that anyone can be accepted and deserves to be given a chance.

Larry S: In a spaceship, if you travel as close to the speed of light as possible (299 792 455 m / s) into black hole, how fast will you be going if you ran the length of the ship, from aft to forward, at 10 mph?

Hmm…that’s a bit beyond my mathematical capabilities. Either that, or I’m just really tired. Anyone care to answer this?

Tristan T: when did your love for video games start?

I remember playing computer games on my Dad’s old Commodore SX-64 with the 5 inch screen. It was kind of like an early laptop in that it was portable and about the size of a briefcase. At some point he was on a WestPac and bought a larger monitor from the Navy Exchange in Pearl Harbor. He took the Commodore with him on most of his WestPacs (it was a very well traveled computer) but when it was at home my brother and I had a few games that we played on it. I don’t even think they were 8-bit games. More like 4-bit.

Grant G: Ok, let’s say your traveling in your tardis at the speed of light and you turn on your headlights. Does the light shine out in front of you at twice the speed of light or is it dark because the speed of light is constant?

 Ray A: If I were traveling in a car at the speed of light and turned the headlights on, would they do anything?

Trick question. The TARDIS doesn’t have headlights and Einstein says that we will never travel at the speed of light.

Seriously though, I think I read about this once and if I’m remembering correctly, you (or the person in the ship traveling at light speed) wouldn’t see a difference – or time would stop altogether – crap, I can’t remember which… but others observing from the sidelines would see you looking much flatter. Your headlights would look different to them, kind of ultraviolet. This answer is based entirely from memory though so I could be answering this completely wrong. I apologize ahead of time if that’s the case.

Justin V: Doppler question: how fast do you have to drive through a red light to make it look green?

70000 km/s

Jax M: What is really at the end of the rainbow?

Nothing now.

Matthew K: This is so gonna get me unfriended…..is it true gamer/nerdy girls give the best head and are freaks in bed?

I honestly couldn’t say since I’ve never slept with one.

Matteo S: How do you feel about Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm? How long til you unfriend Matthew K. for his comment ?

I’m hopeful that it will be just fine but I’m reserving judgment until after I see the first project that comes out of it.

Haha! He’ll have to do worse than that. So far I’ve only banned those annoying porn sites that post pictures of the facebook page every so often. It goes in waves and is soooo annoying. I try to delete them as soon as I see them but sometimes I’m a little late and people send me notes about how upset they are about it. I feel really bad about it even though I’m doing everything I can to stop it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can really do besides delete it and ban the poster. Another just pops up to take their place though so it’s a never ending battle.

Joseph B: in the apparent spirit of the other questioners, “did it hurt when you fell down from Asgard?”

oooOOoooo, that’s a good one! 😉

One doesn’t really “fall” from Asgard. It takes some practice to land properly, but the Bifröst is pretty good about setting you down gently.

Kyle F: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if. Wood chuck could chuck wood?

About 700 lbs.

Jeremy P: How much pi could a nerd girl pi if nerd girl could count pi?

Math is not a strong point of mine but I can rattle off 20 or so digits off the top of my head at any given time. Memorizing digits of pi has never been a priority for me but I applaud those who do it.

Matt V: How many nerds could a nerd herder herd if a nerd herder could herd nerds?

Right now it’s over 36,000.

Eruch C: Nerd Girl, what is the meaning of life? And on a similar note, how much would can a wood chuck REALLY chuck?


About 700 lbs. Seriously.

Adam B: One Star Trek baddie vs one from Star Wars, who do you pick and who wins?

That’s a really great question and three match ups immediately came to mind:

Round One: Khan vs. Boba Fett (winner: Khan – he’s a genetically engineered super human)

Round Two: Borg Queen vs. Darth Vader (winner: Vader – both are cyborgs but Vader’s got the Force and a lightsaber)

Round Three: Q vs. Emperor Palpatine (winner: Q – Palpatine’s got the dark side but Q could snap his fingers and make the whole situation disappear)

Lee P: If you work out, what do you do for fitness, and what keeps you motivated to work out?

I try to exercise 2-3 times per week. If I go to the gym with my S.O. then I just do whatever he tells me to do since I can never remember what exercises to do. If I’m by myself, I do the elliptical and some leg and arm machines. I try to stretch every day, usually while I’m reading or watching TV in the evenings. I go for walks with my Mom. I hate exercising 90% of the time and I’ll go for periods where I don’t work out at all. But ultimately, I feel better and I sleep better when I do exercise so I force myself to do it.

Tony W: What are the principal historic events on the planet Earth in the year 1987?

Astronomers at the University of California saw the first sight of the birth of a galaxy. Pennsylvania politician R. Budd Dwyer shot and killed himself at a press conference on live national television. The USS Stark was hit by Iraqi missiles and 37 sailors died. Ronald Reagan spoke the famous line “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” at Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin. The 200th Anniversary of the Constitution. Baby Jessica was rescued from a well.

Thomas G: Will Sean Patrick Flanery play Han Solo in a movie version of Han Solo at Stars End?

I don’t know of any plans for this to happen but I love SPF and would be interested in seeing it.

Drei U: In the relative scheme of things, if you could insert yourself into the cast of one movie or show, which would it be, what would you want your character to be, and why?

Star Trek. Because it was my first exposure to nerdom and I love it so, so, so, so, so much. I would want to be the Captain of my own vessel, out exploring the unknown, making first contact with alien species, outwitting the Romulans and the Borg. Star Trek  appeals to me because, even though it has drama and war and rebellion, it shows a future that is largely positive. We’ve gotten past petty issues like money and are working toward the betterment of, not just mankind, but the Universe. I love shows like Battlestar Galactica but can you imagine living it? Yikes! Star Trek  is the only depiction of the future that I’ve seen that I would actually want to live in. And don’t give me crap about Star Wars,  that’s the past, not the future, mmmkay?

Casey R: Who is your favorite Adventure Time princess? (Marceline included)

Sorry, I don’t watch Adventure Time so I can’t answer your question 🙁

Jeff P: Do you like GI Joe?

Yes. I played with GI Joe action figures and watched the cartoon religiously as a kid. Not a fan of the first live action movie but looking forward to seeing if the second one redeems the film franchise.

Dan A: Does Huffman take any nonsense?

According to the Kings of Leon, he doesn’t.

 Will C: You are stranded on an asteroid and you can choose between a LIGHTSABER or a SONIC SCREWDRIVER, which would you choose? (Please note you don’t have any way to travel through either Dimension or Time)

Sonic Screwdriver.

James M: When was your first true Nerd moment? And do you like other pages? Super Nerd, Geeks are Sexy, The Dork Side, Aggressive Comix?

I do like other pages. The only ones that I see in my feed regularly though are The Dork Side and I Fucking Love Science. I Fucking Love Science is probably my favorite.

Viktor C: Here is my question for you lil missy. The picture of you at Ren Faire, which ren faire was that taken at AND how long have you been doing faire?

It was the Escondido Renaissance Faire. I’ve been going to faires and festivals for at least 15 years now. But it had been a while since I’d been to a Ren Faire. The last few years I’ve mostly been going to the Highland Games and VikingFest.

Todd S: Who is fatter? Raymond Burr or Scottie from Star Trek?

I prefer not to speak negatively about people, especially those who are no longer living. Sorry, but I think it’s disrespectful. Both were very handsome, talented men.

Chris H: Why is the naughty librarian look soooo irrisistable?

Because people want to know if someone who is so reserved has a wild side.

Nowhere Man: do you have a boy/girlfriend/other friend?

I do have a significant other.

Sam R: Do you like anime? If so, what’s your favorite one?

I’m not huge on it, to be honest. Anime was always more my brother’s thing. I do enjoy Fist of the North Star and Princess Mononoke though.

Deryck D: Do you like pineapple?

A person may like pineapple today and something else tomorrow.

And in case you really want to know:

Yes, but I went to Hawaii for the first and only time two years ago and was spoiled by the pineapple there. OMFG it’s soooo much better in Hawaii. I don’t like the stuff we get on the mainland anymore so I haven’t eaten pineapple in over two years. One of these days I’m going to go back to Hawaii or at least order some pineapple and have it shipped to me.

Justin H: It’s 2012 should I give up hope on a 2nd season or more of Firefly episodes?

Sadly, I think that it’s highly unlikely. That being said, I will never give up hope.

Owen P: how do I keep a nerd gf from leaving me for another nerdy guy next time…

Hmm…I need more information to help you with this one. Were you living together? If so, did you start becoming more like friends/roommates than bf/gf? I’m assuming that you’re a nice guy. How long were you together? Message me with a few more details and I’ll see if I can offer you some more insight.

Kimberly G: I’m not a nerd per se, but I’m nerd friendly and I like dating guys who are nerdy. They’re nicer than regular guys! How can I relate to them if I don’t actually watch Dr Who or Star Wars etc?

Opposites attract so it’s not unusual for nerds/non-nerds to make great couples. Have your own separate interests but find something you have in common that you can connect with. It doesn’t have to be nerdy, maybe you both like Manchester United or, I dunno, roller skating. Have you thought about giving Doctor Who or Star Wars a try? You might find that you like them.

Stephanie M: How can I become a nerd girl?

First of all, only do it if you enjoy a genre that would be considered “nerdy.” Don’t force yourself to partake in nerdy things because you’re being pressured to by outside forces. Be yourself no matter what. However, if you’re discovering that you have nerdy leanings you never knew you had and you want to explore but don’t know where to start, begin with something that has universal appeal and is a good ice breaker, like reading The Hunger Games or Harry Potter, watching a TV show like The Big Bang Theory, or watching movies like The Avengers or the Harry Potter films.

If, after an introduction,  you want more, then branch out into The Lord of the Rings (books and movies), TV shows like The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Firefly, the Marvel movies leading up to The Avengers (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America), Star Wars, the Batman and Spider-Man films, and start reading comic books and graphic novels that you can find in omnibus and compendium form like Watchmen, The Walking Dead, and Astonishing X-Men.

If, after that, you still want more, get into the A Song of Ice and Fire series (book and TV), Temeraire, anything by Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury or Stephen King, TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, X-Files, Buffy & Angel. After that, the sky’s the limit. There are countless TV shows, movies and book/comic book authors that are beyond epic. So many that it’s impossible to list them all here.  Have fun and let your geek flag fly!

William N: Do you read science fiction? If so, who are your favorite authors?

Arthur C. Clarke is a great favorite of mine. My step-dad, Randall, introduced me to him with Against the Fall of Night which I’ve subsequently read at least half a dozen times now. I was 10 when I read The Last Legends of Earth by AA Attanasio for the first time (yes, I read the last book first because I didn’t know any better as a 10 year old). I love Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Douglas Adams, and Ray Bradbury. I like a lot of the more recent authors as well, such as Suzanne Collins. I’ve read A LOT of the Star Trek novels, like the New Frontier series and The Lives of Dax. I have soooo many Star Trek books and I’ve read them all at least twice.

Simon H: Who is your role model and why?

It sounds so cliché but my Mom (aka Mama Jedi) is a huge role model for me. She’s also my best friend, my confidant, and my constant companion. She doesn’t realize it but she inspires me every day.

Timmy U: Do you believe in a multiverse? And would you rather date a Klingon or a Vulcan?

I believe that anything is possible. If it does exist, I want to see it.

A Vulcan. I’m a very passionate person but I keep it mostly internalized. I think that would coincide with Vulcan culture more so than Klingon culture.

Jarrod H: If Captain Kirk owned a Pokemon which one would it be, and why?

Uhh….the only Pokemon I know of is Pikachu and I’m not even sure that I’m spelling his name correctly. Pikachu is the leader, right? Well, so is Captain Kirk. Therefore, Kirk would own Pikachu. So there.

Danny M: What are you wearing right now?

A pink tank top, black pajama pants and red & white baseball socks.

Adam S: Did you just wake up one day an go, ”hey, I think I’ll become a famous facebook personality” How did the HNG idea come about? What was your motivation in making the page?

Mark A: What inspired you to take this path?

I answered this in Part 1 last Monday. Basically, I started the blog as a way to vent my nerdiness, never thinking that anyone outside of my family and friends would ever pay any attention to it. The facebook page came about as a companion to the blog and serves as the perfect place to post little snippets and memes that strike my fancy. I did a much better job of answering this question when I was interviewed for The Man Sphere.

Robert W: Who’s on your “List”?

Depends on what “list” you’re talking about.  I have my “Cheat Sheet” list. Is that what you mean?  Or my “Hit List”? If you mean “Hit List” then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. There’s no one I want “taken care of.”

Mike D: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I’ve always wanted to fly. I have flying dreams all the time and I’m never scared in them. They seem so real sometimes that I can get pretty upset when I wake up and come back to reality. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a sense of unrestricted freedom? The fact that the sky is literally the limit?

Max C: What time is it?





  1. Mike Smith says:

    On what you experience when travelling near the speed of light, see Carl Sagan’s explanation from his classic and highly recommended 1980 TV series “Cosmos”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CIs3jOnfiM

  2. Psychologically speaking, flying dreams are usually interpreted to mean that you feel confident and empowered. People who are experiencing significant success in work, hobbies, relationships, etc. often have flying dreams. That doesn’t mean that their lives are perfect, just that, on balance, things are going well and they are achieving their goals. So, if we assume that psychologists who advocate that interpretation are correct, good for you!

    I think I’m a little more optimistic for the future of the human race than you are. While it will take several more centuries to truly unite our species, I think we’re on our way. There will be setbacks and stumbling blocks, and we may never achieve the near-utopia that Star Trek postulates, but I think the next millennium will dawn on a human race largely at peace with itself and focused on noble goals.

  3. Keep up the good work, Nerd Girl. I enjoy all your posts.

  4. Joe Cassara says:

    “I don’t even think they were 8-bit games. More like 4-bit.”

    How insulting. The C64 was a more than capable machine with some fantastic games. The SX-64 was the first of its kind, mind you — a “luggable” with a color screen.

    1. hotnerdgirl says:

      Ha! I wasn’t insulting it, I loved those games!! One had little bunny rabbits, I think it was a spelling game. I have very fond memories of playing them.