Delilah Photo Shoot & Contest


My birthday was on Saturday. I don’t even remember the last time it was on a Saturday. To celebrate I had a little last minute party which involved dancing, roasting s’mores, and a party necessity in my circle, Jäger shots.

nom nom nom…

Last year I thought I’d thank all you loyal HNG readers with a birthday Batgirl photo shoot. It was a ton of fun so I thought I’d make it a tradition. This year I debated what costume to use. I’ve been working on a prototype “HNG Superhero” costume for about 7 months and I finally figured out exactly what I wanted and completed the outfit.

Meet “Delilah.”

Why the name Delilah? I honestly can’t give you one reason. I’ve always liked the name and I even named a pet mouse Delilah about 8 years ago. Also, I like the idea that a badass superhero chick would have a super girly name. But mostly, it came to me in my sleep. I had a dream about the character and everyone in the dream kept calling her Delilah. I started using the name to refer to the costume and it stuck. So there.

By the by, I have a lot of fun writing the little stories that go along with my pictures. So thank you for indulging me when it comes to them 🙂

What’s that? You want to win a signed copy of one of these pictures? Ok, fine. There’s a contest after the pics.

Hey there bitches, my name’s Delilah.


I’m a bit of a badass.


No really, I am. See?


I patrol the streets at night looking for trouble. Or maybe the trouble comes looking for me.


It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.


So I always have to be on my guard.


You never know what you’re going to find when you walk around a corner.


It’s best to be prepared.


…with attitude!


Did someone order awesome…


…with a side of whoop ass?


Hey, check out my fierce battle cry! AHHHHH!!!!


A true crime fighter never rests. But she can sit on a skanky old tire and take a breather for a minute, mmmkay?


When the sun rises and dawn sheds her harsh light on this foul city it’s time for me to go home.


But never fear, Delilah will be back again tomorrow night, defending the streets against the scum and villainy.


Many, many thanks to photographer extraordinaire Jon Upson for taking such amazing pictures and for sweet talking the lady cop who thought I was underage (ha!).  To Mama Jedi for helping out and also being mistaken for underage (ha!).  And to my friend Darcy for staying up past his bedtime on a school night to help me out and for all the constant support.

Now about that contest part…

Since the Babe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter contest was such a success, I decided to try it again. So if you want a chance to win a signed 8”x12” print from this photo shoot, leave a comment below by Friday, February 8th at midnight PST. I’ll pull five names out of a hat and contact you directly if you’re a winner!


  1. put me in the hat please

  2. Bruce Jones says:

    Cool, send me a signed pic!

  3. Larry Fellin says:

    Amazing costume, and you are of course beautiful as always. Also Happy Birthday!!!

  4. rick mosscrop says:

    You def are the hottest nerdgirl out there! all joking aside the costume looks pretty cool, very bad ass, very sexy!

  5. Of course, Delilah defeated a male superhero by removing the source of his power with her blades……

  6. John Hoggard says:

    Wow. Great costume and loving the Katanas – you pose just so well! As others have said – Happy Birthday, looks like you had a grand old time!

  7. skoally says:

    You did wonderfully. When I was a kid I actually did patrol my neighborhood looking for people to help, thankfully I never got hurt LOL

  8. Ron Mabry says:

    Exquisitely done, you disarmed me as well as left me dumbfounded ^_^

  9. Wow, now that reminds me of what I am fighting for here in Afghanistan! Thanks for boosting my moral!

  10. Steve Nowak says:

    Yes. I like Delilah. Yup.



  11. John Morris says:

    Nice work. Great photos.

  12. Chris says:

    Love your work. Thanks for helping bring us nerds out into mainstream. Oh and please place my name in that hat too.

  13. Lee Marohn says:

    I’ll take an order of awesome, but can I please get TWO sides of whoopass? I’m extra hungry today.
    Happy birthday from a fellow Aquarian (mine’s today).

  14. Jeff Andrus says:

    Hoorah, Chief.

  15. Josh Waller says:

    Hat me please! You are really cool.

  16. You make nerd girls like me happy to be nerds

  17. Awesome photos. You never cease to amaze.

  18. Shelby Simmons says:

    Hot… Nerdy… Awesome… Yes, please!

  19. Love the costume! And the 2 sword picture — that’s the best of the bunch!

  20. Nick says:

    Great shoot, reminds me that I need to start working on the costume for the next Labyrinth of Jareth I attend in LA.

  21. Ian Dixon says:

    Looking good, nice photos as well. I would love to see into the far future and see your grandchildrens faces when you show them these photos

  22. Mark Edwards says:

    From the Wiki entry on Delilah (

    “Her figure, one of several dangerous temptresses in the Hebrew bible, has become emblematic”

    Happy Birthday HNG!

  23. Joe Gaude' says:

    Put my name in….

  24. jerry brown says:

    Complete badass! I would love an autographed picture of the HNG ah Delilah 😉

  25. Add me to the Birthday Hat too please 🙂

  26. Charles Erickson III says:

    Great Shoot!! Live Long & Prosper HNG!!!

  27. mstryda says:

    Happy birthday and awesome pics. Looks like it was a blast shooting those. Ciao!

  28. Aaron Wilson says:

    Deadpool vs. Delilah, coming 2015? Awesome photoshoot and costume, you look awesome!

  29. Anthony Guzman says:

    Fantastic photo shoot! Thank you! And a happy belated birthday!

  30. niaaeryn says:

    Love it, and love the weaponry. Happy Birthday!

  31. John and Ken says:

    best Photoshoot ever.. Cause its you!

  32. Steve says:

    Can you deliver my signed copy??? 🙂 I’ll cook a BBQ in your honor!!! Pics are just fantastic!

  33. J.R. says:

    Looking good. Its a shame you didn’t post Delilah’s “origin story” with the pictures though.
    I personally find it more exciting when I know why someone goes the superhero route 😉

  34. Ken Camus says:

    That’s so cool. Happy belated birthday!!!

  35. Hunter says:

    Definitely like the inclusion of the Black and Whites! They add a certain je ne sais quoi.

  36. Eric says:

    Love the shoot, keep’em coming!

  37. Happy Birthday! Great shoot. Delilah seems pretty awesome. You don’t have to throw me in the contest because I’m pretty sure they guys out there want it more than me. 🙂 Just wanted to say nice job!

  38. stephenpace says:

    Looking forward to the stories.

  39. Andy Worthington says:

    I feel so much more safe with Delilah around. Thank you!

  40. Batty says:

    Love the shoot! Consequently the Delilah name and the use of black in the costume did have me thinking Elizabeth Short for just a second. However, I think you’re more akin to a kick as Scarlett we didn’t get to see in the last GI Joe movie. Nice work! ^^

  41. Stacy T. says:

    Happy Birthday, HNG!! Badass isn’t a strong enough word for Delilah! Please toss my name in the hat… nerd girls need heroes, too!

  42. Kev says:

    Awesome pics, Happy Birthday HNG. I see these pics and I think hmmm alternate timeline black widow, your hotter then she is anyway so you should replace her.

  43. Rob Fredricks says:


  44. I am now re-thinking my dream of taking up villainy and all around bad guy stuff now that I know Delilah is out there … think I’ll take up gardening as a profession just to avoid the beat-downs…

  45. Great pictures and belated best wishes! I’ve already sent you a picture of me in my super hero outfit, so quite frankly, you owe me…

  46. AquarianM says:

    I love it! A fellow Aquarian! I should’ve known… Happy belated birthday, HNG! (Mine is Friday, Feb 8) I live the Delilah character, awesome job on the photo shoot, all of you. I’ve been a comic book / graphic novel fan since I was a little kid in the early 60’s, and I mean pre-kindergarten. Delihlah should have some kind of super power though. Maybe super hearing? How about the ability to see T-rays? (Terraherz rays) That would allow her to sort of see through things, (ahem) like the new police and security scanners coming out later this year. Everything emits T-rays, so passive scanners can see metal objects because they block them. Just a though…I know you’ll come up with something brilliant, like any self-respecting Aquarian. Totally cool!! – Dan / AquarianM

  47. Christopher Patton says:

    Hey there Delilah. .Please come and make my neighborhood safe from rampant scum and villainy. May all the blessings of the universe be with you always.

  48. Doug Mills says:

    Amazing photos again but your’s always are.

  49. Ian F says:

    WONDERFUL work HNG! LOVE IT! Hoping I win! 😀

  50. Don Rogers says:

    What an awesome tradition. Nerd on!

  51. Jason Craft says:

    WOW! Even better than the Babe Lincoln photo shoot.

  52. Mark Wood says:

    Awesome pics! Hope i win one! 🙂

  53. Andrew G Owston says:


  54. Ernest Hakey says:

    HBD, HNG! Love the costume. Perhaps a reincarnation of the byblical Delilah, sapping the strength of villains the way she did Samson? 😉

  55. Paige Madison says:

    Love the photos and the costume!

  56. Once again a great photoshoot HNG! Delilah kinda reminds me of Electra 🙂

  57. Krista says:

    Sign me up…but only if I get to choose which print!

  58. Kyle W says:

    Looks awesome, add me in pretty please.

  59. Keith says:

    What an awesome birthday tradition! Happy belated birthday!

  60. Scifigreg says:

    Very nice pics! I think it’s great to see you having so much fun with this. Keep it up!

  61. Chris Slayton says:

    Great Shoot! Must have you on my wall! (Does that sound too much like a supervillian?)

  62. Joe Martin says:

    Nerd On!

  63. Dustin says:

    OMG, I love the pics. Im sorry but i have to say the im luv with you. Sadly your on the west coast and I the east. I just got back from being deployed in Afghan for the last year and i wanted to thank you for the posts on Facebook and over all good fun, it kept me smiling when i could. Thanks again!! 😉

  64. Andy says:

    Great pics!

  65. Jason Dreyer says:

    “Did someone order awesome..” that’s the best line. I’m going to borrow it now. The B/W pics are the best. They add a bit more depth to the character.

  66. Chad Swanson says:

    Love the photos from this episode of your awesome nerdy life. 🙂 I have several buddies who are also followers of your page, all military and all guys I worked with overseas at some point or other in my travels. I love that you do events to help the troops. I have to admit I was at first very surprised by that, but I am glad to say that I was just plain wrong. By the way, you and George Takei are the two celebrities from whose pages I share the most non-original content on my page. I hope you understand your worth. 🙂

  67. Joe Mondin says:

    What an AWESOME way to spend your birthday!
    The photos are gorgeous, the captions are fun, and Delilah is one sexy, bad ass! She looks tough yet feminine. The lace is a nice touch. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  68. Juergen Blust says:

    Happy Birthday!
    And there is another Name for the hat. 🙂

  69. Russ says:

    Happy late bday, awesome photoshoot and story line, can’t wait till the next story, a live comic or graphic novel.

  70. Please enter me; I’ll have a double order of awesome, with two sides of whoop-ass, (Gets hungry out here…)

  71. Oh, by the way, hope your birthday was awesome!

  72. James Mutz says:

    Delilah is such a bad ass! Put me in your contest!

  73. I think Delilah is a cross between Lara Croft, Batgirl and Pai Chan (from Virtual Fighter). Hope the Katanas came in useful in slicing your birthday cake.

  74. Debra says:

    Wonderful pics! Put me in!

  75. Troy Aker says:

    I’d love to be in the drawing. Thanks!

  76. Sean Pooler says:

    It would be sweet to frame a photo of a fellow nerd

  77. Luke Soares says:

    These pictures are awesome =)

  78. Would love a pic, you’re gorgeous. Love the outfit.

  79. Would love to have a pic of you…..

  80. Don Barnett says:

    contest me please! ps Love the pics!

  81. I would love to win your photo.

  82. David says:

    Sweet photo shoot. Add me to the hat and contest.

  83. Yeah, you’re all kinds of awesome. Definitely throw my name in for this contest.

  84. Prince says:

    Great Pic!

  85. I’d love to win one! Sign me up!

  86. rbeier1221 says:

    Great photos! Add me to the hat!

  87. Todd Emerson says:

    Fantastic pictures. Would I love to have one….um yes!

  88. quillblade says:

    Your trouble-finding ways are admirable, young Jed… erm… fighter…? I would be honoured to have a slashed or signed copy of a photo….

  89. Steve says:

    A superhero babe to end all superhero babes, Those other amateurs best get to stepping now that the real deal is in town.

  90. Dan Jones says:

    My craptacular apartment may implode from the sheer awesomeness of any one of those pics, but I’m willing to risk it.

  91. Josh Mordarski says:

    Truly amazing pics! If I don’t get picked out of the hat, please let me know if there are other ways to get a signed copy 🙂


    – Josh

  92. Joe Sanchez says:

    I think you need a rubdown after all that hard work…

  93. Richard Peiper says:

    Love the creativity in the costume. Looks great! Put me in for the signed pictures.

  94. Trevor Ramsey says:

    Love the pics! I’ve been a fan of your Facebook page and website for quite a while and love your posts.

  95. Jim Pierce says:

    worth way more than a thousand words!

  96. allen gregg says:

    Very cute pictures! You should get your own comic!

  97. Cheers to Nerds!!! Keep up the good work. Luv your daily pics.

  98. Leaving comment to enter contest

  99. Sounds like a plan. I hope I win.

  100. David Gavit says:

    You are amazing! Been following you for a long time! Would LOVE a signed copy!

  101. Jason says:

    Awesome pics! The outfit rocks too! Needless to say, I’d love a signed photo!

  102. Please…I’d love to be one of the chosen mad hatters as well, thank you! And thanks for making Nerd Girls Proud!

  103. nick johnson says:

    Pick me

  104. Mark Pimenta says:

    Gotta love a beautiful nerd girl all in black with boots…woohoo. lol

  105. Mark Bupara says:

    I’d like to say these will be worth money some day given your rise, so absolutely I’d like something new to drool over 😉

  106. Thomas C. Van Buren says:

    I love your blog and all your nerdiness. It makes my ability to be a nerd easier.

  107. James crane says:

    Please enter me in your contest, amazing photo shoot and i’ve always loved the name Delilah, its very buffyesk.

  108. You Inspire creativity and motivate, Great job, and post Happy B-Day

  109. crball says:

    Awesome! Love the story and your constant enthusiasm. Here’s an idea for a full character name: Delilah of the Night!

  110. James Bridgeforth says:

    love the pics! 5 winners is so not enough 🙂

  111. Jay Eff says:

    nerd pic? hawt! yes plz

  112. David Murphy says:

    Kick @$$ photo shoot!

  113. Michael says:

    These are great. I am really a fan of the black and white ones.

  114. Mark Valenti says:

    I must win this time. I barely survived not getting your autographed pic last time. You can just secretly keep this entry to the side and pull the last 4 at random, I swear, I won’t tell anyone! 🙂

  115. Pascal says:

    Sweet Outfit and Awesome pics. Great locale for your shoot 🙂 Cheers

  116. crball says:

    Awesome! Love the story and your relentless enthusiasm (your superpower). Here’s an idea for a full character title: Delilah of the Night!

  117. Rich Hiddleson says:

    Please put my name in the hat, GREAT pictures by the way.

  118. Joe says:

    New photo shoot is awesome. Hope to win!

  119. Christopher beard says:

    I would love to win one of those prints. Do you come with them?

  120. Antonio Merlin Michaels says:

    Amazing pictures of the HNG! Love to be in the hat! Oh, and can you do a Xena photo shoot? 🙂

  121. Paolo Miclat says:

    im a big fan!! love the photo shoot pic btw, please pic me 😛 🙂

  122. Clint says:

    I like hats. And HNG. But mostly hats with my name in them.

  123. ~Jaguar says:

    I’m so adding one more character to one of my stories to base around Delilah…

  124. Brian Mackey says:

    Heck ja! Sign me up. Foth aggendak!

  125. Dan weickart says:

    I win

  126. So going to have to add a Delilah-inspired character to one of my superhero tales now…

  127. Aaron Smith says:


  128. Great photos! I’ll put my name in.

  129. Brian Mackey says:

    Sign me up!! Foth aggendak!

  130. Chris Majava says:

    Looks Awesome!

  131. Kevin Ragu says:

    Lets win this!

  132. dave johnson says:

    you look so hot in black leather

  133. Francis Paul Michael Mejia says:

    Happy Belated Birthday :]

    Picardism (noun) : a succinct statement of purpose or intent. “Make it so” is the most famous of all Picardisms

  134. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Delilah!

  135. Scott Boehning says:

    cool pics! I like the creativity. I’ll watch for you cleaning up the “trash” on the streets. 🙂

  136. Ron Baker says:

    You’re as hot as Dynagirl.

  137. Mark Porterfield says:


  138. Tom says:

    Amazing as always 🙂

  139. Michael says:


  140. David Beach says:

    Looks like Delilah is gonna cut Samson’s hair!

  141. David Angell says:

    Hope I win squeeee!

  142. Jim Warren says:

    Absolutely smokin’ shoot!

  143. Michael Davie says:

    Love the pics & your style. You’re posts always make me smile.

  144. Heath Doty says:

    I’m in it to win it!!

  145. Looking good! Hope I win a print!

  146. Shaun Ford says:

    I now have “Hey there Delilah” stuck in my head. Oh and I haven’t gotten a return e-mail from Operation Gratitude, any idea when their next event may be?

  147. Love the costume and photo shoot! Pick me. Pick me.

  148. /throws a severed zombie foot in the hat. That should do, unless I’m terribly late with my awkward understanding of how english-speaking countries count time. In any case, there’s always another round in the magazine.

  149. Josh White says:

    A hat? There’s a hat?! Sweet! Throw me in it!

  150. Heather says:

    I think you’re pretty rad and my boyfriend showed me your site since you in his “top 5” list! Love the pics hope you keep doing what you’re doing!

  151. Would love a chance to win a signed picture of the hottest nerdgirl ever, to bad there wasn’t an a$$ shot 😛

  152. Rich says:

    Great photo shoot and costume. In the hat for me please.

  153. Kevin Newbury says:

    I feel much safer with Delilah on guard.. thank you! ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  154. These are some of the best photos of you! You are beautiful!

  155. Chris Christensen says:

    Mike Austin Loves HNG! Pass it on! I want to Clean Delilahs’ Boots! Pass it on! Keep Up the Good Work HNG.

  156. riot_invoked says:

    Sooo hot. Contest entry go!!

  157. Matt says:

    Hat plz

  158. Lint says:

    Count me in!

  159. Jeff Andrus says:

    Two words – “Hubba, hubba”.

  160. Trapper Josh Rosenfield says:

    You’re always a winner in my book and your photo shoots are amazing. Again Happy birthday and I hope ya pick em. *raises had really high jumping up and down*

  161. Matt Rutland says:

    awesome, pick me!!

  162. Nichole Franklin says:

    I follow you on Facebook & you helped me bring out the inner nerd in me (you even got me into Doctor Who)!!! I would love to get an autograph picture from you!!!

  163. tate says:

    happy happy happy

  164. Casey Ponton says:

    This is hot. Send me a copy, please!

  165. i cant decide if you are hunting the undead as in zombies or the undead as in everything…..also i can be in hat?

  166. sfufear says:

    Nice costume! The lace parts around the shoulders are suggestive, yet very modest. Best of both worlds! Keep up the great work, and love your posts on FB!

    1. Doug Lancy says:

      Sweet work! Always nice to see someone who enjoys creating a great costume, much like my friend Toby.

  167. Frank says:

    I think that you are setting a good example, I would rather see ONE attractive, intelligent woman on the web or on TV, than a billion common boring girls.

  168. I just love the photo shoots that you do! Great Job 😀 Also can I be in the drawing as well or is it to late?

  169. Roger Moore says:

    Great shots, defenetly want in the contest

  170. Keith says:

    I would like to be in your hat…………….that didn’t mean the way it sounds;>)

  171. Ryan Wollner says:

    Delilah, the Vampire Tomb Raider

  172. Doug Leach says:

    Wow, absolutely awesome costume. Delilah can come bail me out of trouble anytime.

  173. delmas192 says:

    Love the costume. Would really like to have one those photos.

  174. Love the costume, nice work! Throw my name in the hat, I’d love to explode some of my conservative coworkers’ world views by putting it up in my office.

  175. Jolon says:

    Cool. Those are awesome.

  176. Amie says:

    When I first saw Delilah, I thought of that song. “Hey there Delilah, what’s it like in New York City…” I love that song, and awesome photos.

  177. Travis Nickerson says:

    Looking fantastic 😉 Would love to win a signed pic.

  178. Sean says:

    Great shoot!

  179. John Rakowski says:

    Hey HNG, these pics are badass. When I saw that you named this character Delilah, I felt I HAD to enter. You see, my daughter’s name is Delilah. I think she has the making to be a pretty kick ass super hero. Even at the age of six. She can be sneaky like a ninja, as smart as a scientist, and she even has a foam sword covered in pink zebra stripe duck tape. i know your contest is random,but I think it would be awesome to get a signed picture of Delilah for Delilah.

    1. hotnerdgirl says:

      Hi John! You were one of the names I pulled from the hat! I sent you an email but haven’t gotten a response yet. Please email me to claim your prize:
      Thanks for entering!

  180. Mike Rees says:

    Happy belated Birthday! Awesome pics!

  181. Steve says:


  182. Jory Garner says:

    I was torn on which face was better, dramatic-pensive face or the war face. Until the last pic and the smirking, I-kick-ass- look won the prize. :o)
    Nice photo shoot, it looked like a lot of fun.

    1. Jory Garner says:

      The outfit is great. I think a single splash of color would of taken the focus away from the expressions.

      1. hotnerdgirl says:

        Hi Jory! You were one of the names I pulled from the hat! I sent you an email but haven’t gotten a response yet. Please email me to claim your prize:
        Thanks for entering!

  183. Ron says:

    How could I refuse to comment 🙂

  184. Rick says:

    Into the hat we go!

  185. Brad says:

    You aughta go with me when I go out drinkin’, I always have myself a real good time. Say are those real swords…

  186. Russell Jones says:

    The real reason why the saying is true. Nurds rule, while geeks drool.

  187. Marc William says:

    Happy Belated. I look forward to your posts and photo shoots. You’re an extraordinary person. Keep up the amazing work.

  188. Adam Wagner says:

    I would very much like to be entered into your contest please and thank you. Awesome photo set.

  189. kaggen says:

    The name says it all; Hot. Nerd. Girl.
    Gotta love it 🙂

  190. Scott Purcell says:

    I think what you are doing is super great! Keep up the good work and an awsome belated bday to you!!!

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