First HNG Podcast


Welcome to the very first HNG podcast! Yay! My friend Darcy (getting knocked out in the above picture) and I discussed a range of topics including, what it was like to meet Stan Lee at Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con, Man of Steel, Independence Day 2, and a whole bunch of silliness in between. Since it was our first one and we thought it was pretty funny, we decided to keep the podcast raw and mostly unedited. Hopefully y’all have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it. We’ll be doing some more of these and I’m sure they will evolve and get even better (and/or crazier…ya never really know with us) over time. Thanks for listening!


  1. Rob says:

    Loved this.

    2 words: Google Hangout.
    1 more word: Youtube!!

  2. Dborn says:

    i listened to this after getting home from seeing man of steel. And i mostly agree about the hologram of Jor-el throughout the movie. While it was interesting and plausible, i think it somewhat detracted from the flow. Although.. i think Crowe kicked ass as Jor-el on Krypton… i mean come on.. the scientific leader of their people kicked the hell out of the military leader…. what geek/nerd wouldn’t love that irony.

  3. Larry says:

    Totally awesome, you definitely need to do more of these! 🙂

  4. ensignricky71 says:

    Finally had a chance to listen….great job! Looking forward to the next one.