San Diego Comic Con 2013 Thursday Shenanigans


It’s Day One of San Diego Comic Con 2013 and somehow I always manage to forget just HOW insane it is. So. Many. People. It’s always super stressful but it’s also so much fun.

I decided to dress like Han Solo and my nephew just happened to wear his Jedi costume so we were pretty much perfect together. It’s like we’re not just related but we’re psychically linked as well.

After sitting into a crapload of traffic (thank God I picked up my badge on Wednesday night), I finally pulled into the hotel that will be my home for the next few days. I got there too late to join Geek Outlaw in the Ballroom 20 line but I managed to get into the Sherlock, X-Files 20th Anniversary, and Brave New Warriors panels. I spent the rest of the morning hanging out with my friend Brett at his booth (L-07) and my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. We also visited artists Lord Mesa and Patrick Ballesteros in row DD of Artists Alley.

I’ll do a more in-depth wrap-up later but in the meantime, here are some of today’s highlights…

Demented Dreams (Booth L-07) where you can buy an HNG calendar 😉

SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 152

SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 175


SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 164


SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 155


SDCC 2013 Thursday 011


SDCC 2013 Thursday 015


SDCC 2013 Thursday 018




SDCC 2013 Thursday 001


Patrick Ballesteros


SDCC 2013 Thursday 027


Sherlock panel




SDCC 2013 Thursday 039





SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 224


X-Files panel


SDCC 2013 Thursday 054

SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 253



Brave New Warriors panel

SDCC 2013 Thursday iphone 292


I’m off to camp out in the Hall H line! Stay tuned for more highlights tomorrow.

HNG Podcast: Pre-Comic Con Confab Conversation…thing.


Welcome to the 3rd HNG podcast!
In this Pre-Com Con Con Con, Darcy and I discuss my plans for San Diego Comic Con including what costumes I’ll be wearing, what panels I’ll be camping out for, and what artists/booths I’ll be visiting. It’s a much briefer podcast, clocking in at approximately 24 minutes.
We’ll do a wrap-up podcast next week once the madness is over.

If you’re going to Comic Con and you see me, please be sure to say Hi! I will likely be dressed as:
Thursday: Han Solo
Friday: an HNG t-shirt
Saturday: Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Sunday: the 10th Doctor
I will also be spending some time each day (exact time TBD – I’ll tweet it and put it on the facebook page whenever I’m there) at Booth L-07 where my extremely talented artist friend (and HNG logo designer) Brett DeWall has a booth. I’ll have calendars and stickers and pins and all kinds of fun stuff. So, y’all come on down now, ya hear?