Thor Photo Shoot and Contest

HNG Thor teaser

It’s photo shoot time! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one. Hmmmm….looking back, I think the last one was in February, yikes! Consider my wrist officially slapped for the length of time between shoots. I’ve had these Thor pictures under my belt for a year now, just waiting for Thor: The Dark World to come out. So, in honor of the film being released, I’m finally posting them today 🙂

Some back story…I’m Norwegian and Danish. I grew up reading about Norse mythology while making lefse and sandbakkels with my Aunts and Great Aunts. Many of you have noticed the Thor pendant I often wear. It’s my nod to a heritage that I’m quite proud of. In short, I’m a life-long lover of all things Thor. Sometime around 5th grade (while searching for the latest X-Men comic book), I discovered that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had transformed the Thor I’d grown up with into a Superhero. I freaked the frak out. Ever since then, Thor has been my favorite comic book character (I even had Stan Lee sign a Thor comic when I met him at Las Vegas Comic Con), followed closely by the X-Men.

I usually write a little story line to go along with the pictures. It’s fun and folks seem to like it so I’ll just keep on doing it 😉

What’s that? You want to win a signed copy of one of these pictures? Ok, fine. There’s a contest after the pics.


I am Thor Odinsdatter!

HNG Lady Thor 1

I am the Goddess of Thunder.

HNG Lady Thor 2

I wield the mighty hammer, Mjolnir.

HNG Lady Thor 3

Forged by Sindri and Brokkr, Mjolnir can crush mountains…

HNG Lady Thor 4

…and will always return to my hand no matter how far it is thrown.

HNG Lady Thor 5

I have no fear as my enemies approach the battlefield.

HNG Lady Thor 6

With Mjolnir, I can invoke the power of lightning and destroy the foes of Asgard.

HNG Lady Thor 7

I welcome the thrill of battle!

HNG Thor 8

But I am learning to be a wise and peaceful ruler like my father, Odin Allfather.

HNG Thor 9

At times I travel to Midgard by way of the Bifröst.

HNG Thor 11

It is my favorite of the Nine Realms.

HNG Thor 12

I do not like it when my brother Loki threatens my favorite Realm of Midgard.

HNG Thor 13

But, fear not humans, Midgard is under my protection and I will defend it always.

HNG Thor 10*****

As always, a raucous round of applause goes to my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Jon Upson (or, as I’ve been good-naturedly calling him these past few days, Jon Son of Up). Jon, I really appreciate your patience while I held on to these for the past year! To Mama Jedi for her fabulous photographer assisting skills. She had to brave some boulders to hold the lighting equipment on this one. To Reba for the awesome watermarking (she’s doing amazing things for the 2014 calendar as we speak). And to Darcy for being the raddest podcast co-host and partner in crime ever. Even though he refuses to take credit for it most of the time.

On to the contest part!

Since the contests have been such a big success in the past, let’s keep it going. If you want a chance to win a signed print from this photo shoot, leave a comment below by Monday, November 11th at midnight PST. I’ll pull five names out of a hat and contact you directly if you’re a winner!

Thanks to everyone who participates!


  1. John Morris says:

    Great job as always!

  2. Lee Marohn says:

    Great photo shoot! You should definitely do them more often.

  3. AJ says:

    My Goddess. Your command is my wish.

  4. Matthew Thomson says:

    Awesome shoot as always!

  5. Dina Hughes says:

    So awesome!

  6. Eric says:

    Love the locations!

  7. JohnStewart says:

    You look great!

  8. Bobby Campfield says:

    amazing job. great poses and the photos are great quality. extra round of applause to the lighting people and cameraman.

  9. Paul says:

    Great pictures!

  10. Steve Derry says:

    Great pics as always! Cannot wait to see the next set!

  11. Phil Haney says:

    Absolutely stunning! You need to be taken from the first or second picture in this series and Photoshopped into your FB cover photo.

  12. Amanda says:

    Looks like fun!

  13. Bryan says:

    Very nice photo shoot!

  14. Alexis says:

    Your hair looks AMAZING.

  15. John Klein says:

    Such a puny mountain will not defeat Thor Odinsdatter!

  16. John Klein says:

    Such a puny mountain will not defeatThor Odinsdatter!

  17. Pete says:

    Great photos!

  18. Charles Erickson (son of Eric) says:

    By the hair of Odin’s beard!! fantastic photo shoot!! Being a Swede, I too have a fondness for Thor & Norse Mythology!!

  19. Chuck Palm says:

    I too love Thor comics, and was my favorite as a kid, when I found out our Norwegian heritage. EXCELLENT job on the photo shoot, I am jealous of your necklace, and must have one now!

  20. Jason says:

    WOW you look gorgeous!!!

  21. Timinem says:

    Nice shots! I want one!

  22. Jory says:

    Nice photoshoot. I like the setting. And great hammer!

  23. Lowell Bailey says:

    Cool outfit, very nicely done!

  24. Eric Jahn says:

    Thor – The Search for Lutefisk.

  25. Daniel Tisdel says:

    Love the pics! I thought you posted some of these already. Must just have been when you wore it other time.

    1. Daniel Tisdel says:

      And by the way…I am a quarter Norwegian and LOVE lefse. Lutefisk, not so much.

  26. Kyle S. says:

    As always, you look amazing and Jon has done a great job with the photo shoot. Can’t wait for the next one!

  27. Kiel VHorn says:

    It burns when I pee

  28. David says:

    Thanks for publishing this! I hope it was a fun shoot; it looks terrific!

  29. Scott Boehning says:

    great photo shoot. I feel safer already 🙂 keep the posts coming – they are always enjoyable and usually give me a chuckle. Thanks.

  30. Doug Mills says:

    Thor never looked so good.Incredible job.

  31. Jameson says:

    My wife and I always look forward to see your newest shoots – awesome job and keep them coming! 😉

  32. Kris says:

    Great stuff!

  33. Blaine says:

    Never before has the god of thunder looked so fine….

    It was quite the shocking experience

  34. Bryan Currey says:

    Awesomeness !!!

  35. shawn says:

    Like get a photo

  36. Chris S. says:

    Nice shots.

  37. Gary says:

    as usual you do live up to your moniker

  38. Shame on you for leaving it so long before shoots, but worth the wait 😉

  39. Lucas says:

    Great shoot!

  40. Mikw Harlick says:

    Looks like it was a TON O’ Fun!

  41. Tom Leake says:

    Thou art the most noble and mightiest warrior in all of the nine realms, and by far, the most lovely. Whilst thou live, all the worlds are safe from evil. Keep thee of stout heart and mind and no evil shall befall thee in thine benevolent quest my lady. *bows reverently*

  42. Steve Conner says:

    Very nice job, i always enjoy your photos and website. 🙂

  43. Rob Fredricks says:

    Beautiful as always! Great shoot!

  44. Lisa says:

    Absolutely adorable; I want to dress up as Thor too! X]

  45. Toni says:

    That corset is amazing!

  46. chris says:

    i have to say your pictures are tasteful and sexy keep them coming 🙂

  47. lee says:

    Great shoot, you make a fantastic lady Thor.

  48. heath says:

    very nice.

  49. MJ Freek says:

    Awesome shots. Really capture the hidden inner strength and humanity in the character.

  50. Edgar Johnson says:

    Amazing as always. U r pretty

  51. Joe Rose says:

    Incredible as always.When will we be able to order the new calendar ? Just got to get Geek Outlaw to get a Loki costume for the next Comic Con.

  52. Kevin says:

    Looks great 🙂

  53. jami newman says:

    Wish I could get them photo and that hammer signed. but out standing photo’s

  54. Greg Bennett says:

    Thankfully your boots grip those boulders well! Good job as always!

  55. Scott Long says:

    Brilliant photos. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Rick Lemmer says:

    Awesome shoot 🙂

  57. Tony Martinez says:


  58. Tom Gibson says:

    Great job as always. Plans to do all the Avengers?

  59. Warren Schiebold says:

    Nice pics! Love the nerdiness of you! 😀

  60. Super Mario says:

    I was told that I could win a hot^2 nerd girl picture by leaving a comment here….sooooo comment :D… btw thorrific pics XD

  61. Tom says:

    Awesome work! The Thor-corset (Thorset?) is pretty awesome by itself, too.

  62. Jake Cantu says:

    Great photos! Really want to win!!!

  63. Ding Chavez says:

    Pull names out if a hat… I never win these things… You’re so much fun to follow on Facebook and twitter 🙂 keep at it and thanks

  64. mike sciame says:

    great shoot

  65. Todd Basil says:

    Awesome photoshoot, reminds me of the time that Thor was turned into a female in the comics.

  66. andy lee says:

    Love the costume!

  67. AJ says:

    I thought female-loki was my favorite Avengers costume…I think you may have just changed my mind on that. Stunning. Awesome job

  68. Roy says:

    Awesome!! Looking good

  69. Todd says:

    Can you imagine the children Mr & Mrs Thor would produce? 🙂

  70. Jay Ellis says:

    Wonderful job on your costume!

  71. Nate says:

    Your photoshoots and tweets are always an inspiration. I view this as a continuation of the strong powerful women that we’ve experienced in so many fandoms lately. Can’t wait for your next calendar 🙂

  72. Mel says:

    You should have worn your pendant in the photo shoot!

  73. Steve Hamilton says:

    Thanks HNG for all the work you do to promote “nerdism” throughout all the realms.

  74. Kieron says:

    Those photos are great. Awesome (thorsome? No sorry, thats to much of a pun even for me)

  75. Joe says:

    I’m pretty sure you look better in that outfit than I would, cause you know, you’re pretty and stuff…lol.

  76. Larry Fellin says:

    Lovely as always, totally awesome, and I really hope one of these pics finds its way into next years calendar.

  77. Chris Waddell says:

    Very awesome photos!

  78. John says:

    Great look. By the power of Thor!

  79. Mike says:

    Well done HNG!

  80. Paul says:

    Most Awesome!

  81. Clifford Ball says:

    Love it! Didn’t know that was your ancestry. One of best friends family hails from Norway. Cheers!

  82. Ben says:

    Excellent photo shoot.

  83. Jeff LaBute says:

    Now I have to find my Thor comics.

  84. Michael Gordon says:

    Sif who? 😉

    Great photos!

  85. Heath says:

    Fuck’n A

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  87. Mike Stone says:

    Very cool layout HNG ! Beautiful countryside as well. I really liked the narrative that went with it ! Take care

  88. Mike Stone says:

    Very cool photoshoot ! You look great as always and I really liked the narrative that went with the pic’s ! Beautiful scenery as well. Take care HNG !

    1. hotnerdgirl says:

      I did! Not super thrilled about it, tbh. I’d love to see a new female character but not too keen on Thor getting a complete makeover…he’s a person, not an identity, ya know?