Gratuitous Nerdity: Day of the Doctor

I get a lot of e-mails and texts from friends and family asking me questions about nerdy stuff. Even my friend Darcy, who I do the HNG Podcast with, asks me stuff. Here’s an e-mail convo we had today, where he asks asking about the new Dr. Who online minisode. You’ll see why I posted it near the bottom.

Darcy: whaaaaa is going on in this clip?

Tracy: Be more specific? lol

Darcy: Uh, what is happening? So John Hurt is really the 9th Doctor, not the 12th?

Tracy: John Hurt is the “War Doctor” – like 8.5. Except he’s not calling himself “The Doctor” but “The Warrior.” It’s against his anti-war personality-type but when the Sisterhood of Karn tell him they can help regenerate into anyone he wants, he chooses Warrior so that he can end the Time War..something The Doctor could never bring himself to do. The Sisterhood of Karn are from the “The Brain of Morbius” a storyline from the Tom Baker Fourth Doctor years that’s kind of like a retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. There’s a Frankenstein-like plot but then there’s also the Sisterhood, sort of like a coven of witches who have an elixir of life that allows them to live forever and they think the Doctor is there to steal the last of it. This is a great tie-in because in “Brain of Morbius” you get to see alternate timeline Doctors. This minisode is way awesome because we finally get to see the Eighth Doctor regenerate. He also references Companions he had from a series of spin-off books written about his Doctor. Any other questions?

Darcy: uhhhh no? But, I feel like you should post the contents of this e-mail exchange on the blog, along with the video….

Tracy: Ha! Really? This is post worthy?

Darcy: You’re nerding pretty hard here, Trace. I say let the Internet decide…

So what do you guys think? Nerdy enough?

Dr. Who John Hurt The Warrior


  1. Ian Fults says:

    Perfect ecplanation for those not in the loop. So much subtext in these 7 minutes. love it. And cant wait for your 50 th anniversary review HNG!! 🙂

  2. Phil Haney says:

    Definitely nerdy enough…

  3. juan patino says:

    That is some pretty hard nerding! but much appreciated, i think i need to look up that “Brain of Morbuis” episode and check it out. i’m suuuuper excited for the 50th special.

  4. Keith Parent says:

    nono, just the right amount of nerd to qualify the ‘hot’.. .

  5. I love it when folks get together and share ideas.

    Great blog, keep it up!