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Tracy aka “that hot nerd girl” is a blogger and writer based out of San Diego, CA. A lifelong Trekkie, Tracy was born and raised in the Geek Life by parents who supported her love of all things nerdy, including her decision to wear her Starfleet uniform in her High School senior photos and her determination to attend San Francisco State University because it was the closest she could physically get to Starfleet Academy. In other words, her nerdiness knows no bounds.

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When she’s not reading, watching, or writing science fiction, fantasy, comic books, or any combination thereof, she can be found at comic book conventions or hanging out with her family and friends, occasionally in costume in both circumstances. Tracy is the cohost of two podcasts, the HNG Podcast with her friend Darcy (who is a boy, not a girl) and Podthingy with horror writer John Mulhall, rock star Blayne Alexander, and Geek Outlaw Hayden Lawrence. She also posts awesome little nuggets of nerd on Facebook, Pinterest, and, when forced to, Twitter. She can be reached via email at princesstrek@hotmail.com 

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8 thoughts on “About the Nerd

  1. I love how you embrace your inner interests and proudly demonstrate these interests.

    The true nerds are the ones who call people with special interests nerds.

  2. Might I suggest a kickstarter to design and build a gallileo shuttle that can dock at the iss and carry six passengers out around the moon and back. Got to start somewhere.

  3. Hi Miss HNG,
    Is your podcast still out there? I cannot find it and the link won’t work in Podkicker. Enjoy your posts. Keep on being Nerdy!


    • Hi Norm! Yes, both podcasts are still available. The HNG one is accessible from the blog posts and Podthingy is available at podthingy.com 🙂 There has not been a new one of either podcast for some time, but I’d like to change that!

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