I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

I know I’ve made a big to-do about how Zombies freak me out and how I’ve had to institute a self-ban of “The Walking Dead” and all that fun, f’d up stuff.  But they really are the only thing that freaks me out (ok, that’s a sort of lie, I’m a little freaked out by The Violator…but that’s a whole ‘nuther post).  To help prove my point, let’s talk ghosts.

I just saw Clint Eastwood’s latest talkie “Hereafter” about a psychic, a near death experience and a lost soul mate.  The following post was inspired by that movie and by recent events in my own life…

Ghosts are one of those taboo topics that fit into the conversation lexicon somewhere between “religion & politics” and “Uncle John was a serial killer with a lovechild.”

So, naturally, I’m going to bring it up 😉

It really isn’t spoken about, especially amongst non-believers and those of certain generations. But 100 years ago that simply wasn’t the case.  Manufactured séances were a dime a dozen.  Sarah Winchester fell victim to them, going so far as to follow a medium’s advice of constant construction on her San Jose mansion.  That lasted 38 years until her death and resulted in a house designed to confuse the ghosts of those killed by the Winchester Rifle.

The original “ghostbuster,” Harry Houdini was passionate about exposing these frauds.  A mission that cost him the friendship of none other than Sir Francis Conan Doyle.  Ironically, after his death, his wife held séances every Halloween (he died on October 31, 1926) for 10 years, anticipating the moment he would return in spiritual form and whisper the agreed upon phrase, “Rosabelle believe.” She gave up after the 10th attempt proved fruitless.  Others are still trying though, with his wife’s permission, of course.

There have always been and always will be those who prey on the desperate loved ones of those who have passed away.  Here in Southern California there is a psychic on every block, most of them from a few gypsy families that operate very much like the mafia: http://www.10news.com/news/17967709/detail.html There is an entire website devoted to exposing them: http://www.gypsypsychicscams.com/realstories.html

Oh wait, wrong Gypsy...

Having descended from Bohemia (modern day Czech Republic) on my mother’s side, it’s a little disheartening that these people give genuine psychics a bad name.

You heard me right.  Genuine psychics.  They are out there.  I’ve known some of them for years.  They keep quiet about it and are very weary of anyone knowing about their abilities, which vary from person to person.  I have never once met someone who can predict the future.  What they can do; however, is communicate with and sense the dearly departed.  Some of these people feel a moral obligation and assist with criminal investigations.  Others are horrified and do everything they can to push away what they see as a curse.  Most are ambivalent and accept it for what it is and never do much about it.  One thing they can all agree on is that spirits are all around us.  Most believe in reincarnation.  All believe in heaven and some form of afterlife.

There’s really no way to prove any of this or that ghosts exist and wander among us, but it’s food for thought and a source of comfort for those of us who have lost a loved one.

Except, of course, when you’re knocking boots in the bedroom.  Then, notsomuch.

I met Dan Aykroyd on Saturday

Ray, Tray, and Hay

This is cool for many reasons.

  1. It’s Dan Aykroyd
  2. Ghostbusters 3 is really starting to make headway
  3. My friend and fellow nerd, Hayden, is probably the biggest Ghostbusters geek in California, if not the country
  4. Ghostbusters 3 is really starting to make headway
  5. There’s a chance he’s going to put Hayden to work
  6. His vodka, Crystal Head, is based on the Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls (which, sadly, George Lucas managed to make ridiculous in Indy 4)
  7. Ghostbusters 3 is really starting to make headway

H-Dogg was a little starstruck

First off, let me just say that Dan was super nice (that’s right, we’re on a first name basis now).  Hayden and I hiked over to Costco (!!!) to meet him and get some stuff signed (he was there to sign bottles of the vodka).  He really dug Hayden’s kickass custom made GB hockey jersey (he’s Canadian, it would be illegal for him to NOT like hockey) and Hayden just about passed out when Dan asked him for his business card.  We were the only people he stood up to take a picture with.  Probably because we were the only ones who didn’t try to kiss him on the lips (!!!)  I almost wore Hayden’s GB uniform (complete with a utility belt featuring blinking lights) but, alas, it was just too big to be comfortable so I opted for a t-shirt in Slimer green.  I would not have been the lone person in uniform (there were many); however, I would have been the only girl which would have almost been worth it.

Those ghosts won't know what hit 'em!

One of the perks of meeting famous people at Costco is the type of people you end up in line with.  The family in front of us were there shopping, oblivious to the fact that Dan would be there and the husband just happened to wear his GB shirt that day.  He was both excited to get it signed and bummed because he wouldn’t be able to wash or wear it again (although I’m skeptical about the last time it had been washed anyway).  The child, a boy around 3 or 4 years old was so excited to be The Incredible Hulk for Halloween that he told us about it.  Repeatedly.  As in, every 30 seconds or so.  Which would have been great if he had actually known anything about The Incredible Hulk.  But he didn’t.  Hayden and I taught much to this young padawan.  He was also very fond of death-defying shopping cart stunts and pulling electronics off of shelves.  I kept about 5 feet behind him at one point for fear I would end up with pink lemonade all over me.

Oh Dan, you couldn’t have done this at Whole Foods or something? BevMo would have been good!

Venkman's back

You may have seen Bill Murray decked out in GB gear at the 2010 Scream Awards.  He was the last piece in a puzzle that Aykroyd has been working on for over 20 years.  When asked, Dan brightened up and was visibly excited about the GB3 wheels being set into motion.  It is his baby after all.  Supposedly the script is written and the 2nd draft of it is being worked on which means that the soonest it will be released is sometime in 2012.  It will be interesting to see how they incorporate the advances in special effects and whether or not Hi-C will bring back Slimer Juice (aka Ecto-Cooler), which was quite possibly my favorite beverage as a kid.

$40 and change later I went home with a glass skull full of mediocre liquor and Dan Aykroyd’s signature plastered across the forehead.  I haven’t decided if I’ll crack it open or if it will make friends with the not-to-be-opened-for-fear-of-death-and-dismemberment Romulan Ale and Klingon Blood Wine.  I guess it depends on how long my bottle of Grey Goose lasts.  But if and when I do open it, I will certainly say a toast for Dan and his contribution to nerdom.

That's some nice head you got there