Harry Potter Photo Shoot & Contest


Today is my birthday (that’s right, I’m a Groundhog baby) and for the past three years I’ve posted a photo shoot to mark the occasion. In 2012 it was Batgirl. In 2013 it was a superhero character I created named Delilah. Last year it was the Dread Pirate Tracy.

This year I FINALLY got my acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (thank YOU Professor McGonagall) so I grabbed my robes, my broom and my handmade wand (I totally whittled and painted it myself thankyouverymuch) and snuck into the Forbidden Forest for some practice.

In case you were wondering, I got sorted into Gryffindor. The socks may have given that away.

I always have a lot of fun writing the silly little stories that go along with the pictures (yes, I know exactly how silly they are) and folks seem to like them so I’ll just keep doing it :)

What’s that? You want to win a signed copy of one of these pictures? Ok, fine. There’s a contest after the pics. BUT WAIT! This time there’s actually TWO contests!

My name is Tracy and I just got accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy! 

3006HNG_Harry PottercWM

I wonder why they chose me, I’m a bit old for a First Year…

3009HNG_Harry PottercWM

Oh well, don’t care! I love practicing spells with my wand.

3010HNG_Harry PottercWM

Sometimes I even get a spell to work!


Flying on my broomstick is also pretty wicked.

3019HNG_Harry PottercWM

Wait – full stop – what is THAT??

3020HNG_Harry PottercWM

The Dark Lord is back! Better race back to Hogwarts and warn everyone!

3016HNG_Harry PotterWM

I got this guys!


Take THAT Lord Voldemort!


All in day’s work.

3003HNG_Harry PottercWM

Big thanks, as always, to my friend and photographer, Jon Upson. The Harry Potter pictures were supposed to be a few quick ones for the calendars and thanks to his wonderful talent, we ended up shooting a ton! To Mama Jedi for assisting on yet another photo shoot and for being my biggest cheerleader. To my friend and HNG Podcast co-host Darcy for over 4 years of constant motivation and support. Seriously, I couldn’t do this without him. To Reba for the lovely, and very last-minute, watermarks. And to my talented artist friend, Ben Risbeck, for fabulous, and also last-minute, photo shopping of the spell effects.

Quick announcement! Me and the Podthingy boys (John Mulhall, author of Geddy’s Moon; Blayne Alexander, lead singer of Idiot Stare; and Hayden Lawrence, NerdBFF and Geek Outlaw) will have a booth at Long Beach Comic Expo February 28th-March 1st! Come say “Hi!” and check out the entire first season of the podcast HERE.


Part 1: If you want a chance to win a signed print of your choice from this photo shoot, leave a comment below by Thursday, February 5th at Midnight PST. I’ll pull five names out of a hat and contact you directly if you’re a winner!

Part 2: I love, love, love all of the photo shopped photos that people have sent me over the years. So much so that I have a facebook photo album dedicated to them! Photo shop a spell or a Dementor or anything Harry Potter-related that you’d like into one of the 5 photos below and myself and an expert panel of judges will choose a winner. The winner will get a customized package full of HNG swag and will be featured on the HNG Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages! Photo shopped image must be submitted by the Thursday, February 5th at Midnight PST deadline! Send to: princesstrek@hotmail.com

Option 1:

3010HNG_Harry PottercWM

Option 2:

3011HNG_Harry PottercWM

Option 3:

3023HNG_Harry PottercWM

Option 4:

3024HNG_Harry PottercWM

Option 5:

3025HNG_Harry PottercWM

Thanks to everyone who participates!

Doctor Who Burlesque!


I’m a fan of all forms of art (except maybe Modern – sorry…) and expression and I have a great appreciation for the female form. Plus, as you all well know, my love of all things Doctor Who is infinite. So when I got the opportunity to attend “Dimensions of Time & Tease” – a Doctor Who burlesque show presented by Peepshow Menagerie, I jumped at the chance!

The opening act was a band called Ghost Noise and, although I wasn’t sure what to expect, I ended up being a fan of their ethereal electronic sound.


The Host was the Third Doctor portrayed by the fabulously named Wolfgang Wolfwhistle.


He was soon joined by the delightful (and scene stealing) Mr. Snapper as “Jack” (Harkness).


And then later by the lovely Glama Sutra as “Spoilers” aka River Song.


Some of the Highlights:

Madame Vastra shows off some swordplay.



Novice Hame of the Sisters of Plenitude on the planet New Earth.



Souffle Girl cooking up some Hawtness.


Exterminate! Exterminate!



The Ponds keeping the passion alive!


The Mistress, causing problems, as per usual 😉


And my favorite of the night, this highly upgraded Cyberwoman!




I was truly impressed by the costumes and performances of these lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen. They perform the third Friday of every month and I HIGHLY recommend attending one of their shows!


Be sure to check out Peepshow Menagerie’s next show “Cherry Potter and the Wizards of Burlesque” this Friday, January 16th at 9pm in Los Angeles! For more information go HERE!