Comikaze 2013

HNG GO Comikaze 2013b

This past weekend I braved the Southern California freeways and made the treacherous trek from San Diego to Los Angeles for Stan Lee’s Comikaze Comic Book Convention. Having moved from LA to San Diego a couple of years ago, the trip always reminds me of how much I don’t miss the traffic. It was worth it to attend Comikaze though. It’s a young convention so the booths on the floor are still nice and spread out, as opposed to the congested packed-in-like-sardines situation that is San Diego Comic Con. It’s grown into a mid-sized convention and, though it didn’t have as many actual comic book vendors as I had hoped, it did provide an excellent space for artists and crafters.

I went with my NerdBFF and regular Con comrade, Hayden aka Geek Outlaw and we had a great time chatting it up with artists, writers, and vendors, some of whom we see at Cons on a regular basis and some whom we met for the first time. We only had time to sit in on one panel, but we did catch some of the action on the Main Stage including Stan the Man himself, Weird Al Yankovic, and the guys from Comic Book Men. A childhood favorite of mine, Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira: Mistress of the Dark) was there, which I was really excited about until I found out how much it would cost to meet her. I did see her from a few feet away though and, damn, she still looks really good! The highlight may have been meeting Edward James Olmos and Michael Hogan (Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica). And, of course, the cosplay!

So, without further ado, here’s a wrap-up of Comikaze in pictures. Enjoy!


Stan the Man himself! I feel very fortunate to have met and gotten my picture taken with Stan while I was at Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con.

DSC00578 (Large)

The one panel we went to. It was a panel about writing and publishing novels and we didn’t read the description first. Turns out it was the Winner Twins, 18-year-old twin sisters who have written 4 novels. Power to them. The panel would have been better if they had talked less (they gave the same PowerPoint presentation they give to First Graders) and the two guys on the left had talked more. They had far more practical and applicable advice. But hey, who am I to argue with two published teenagers?

DSC00619 (Large)

By the power of Grayskull! I have the power!

DSC00679 (Large)a

I got recognized a few times (including by this lovely TARDIS-clad fellow HNG) which was really trippy.

DSC00590 (Large)a

I had to pick up a few of Lord Mesa‘s latest artwork. Most of it was for my sister-in-law, Troi, who just had a baby and couldn’t make it to the Con. She’s a HUGE fan of Lord Mesa and even had him do some custom artwork of my nephew, Zeke.


My friends Gabriel Diani & Etta Devine were there to promote the Kickstarter campaign for their new movie Diani & Devin Meet the Apocalypse. They’ll be joining us for the next HNG podcast! Check them out at (trust me, it’s worth it).


Alex Wer aka The Pumpkin Geek, carves custom pumpkins and they are AMAZING. I’m saving up to have him carve one with the HNG logo. They are hand carved into plastic pumpkins so they last forever.


Geremi Burleigh is a favorite of ours. He’s the nicest guy and his comics Eye of the Gods and Morningstar are fantastic.

DSC00599 (Large)b

Robert Acosta of Graphic Lab designs geeky crossover tees like the popular “Ewoking Dead” and “Optimus TARDIS” ones you see us holding. I wore my t-shirt the next day and got at least one compliment on it everywhere I went.

DSC00588 (Large)b

I’ve been told that These Are the Voyages is the best Star Trek: The Original Series book ever written. I can’t wait to read it and let y’all know if that’s true!


The USS Navras booth was helmed by this Commander Riker look-alike. I got a text message on Sunday that I had won a raffle prize but since I couldn’t make it to the Con on Sunday I couldn’t claim it. Sad robot 🙁 Ah well, the USS Navras crew does great charity work and the raffle money went to some great causes.

DSC00581 (Large)a

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D bridge restoration project is coming along nicely! Every time I see the bridge at a Con, more of it has been restored to is previous and rightful glory.

DSC00671 (Large)

All hands brace for impact!!

DSC00672 (Large)a

Cthulhu paid a visit.

DSC00650 (Large)

Geek Outlaw got really excited when he found out that Ecto-1 was in the house.

DSC00639 (Large)

There are only a few franchises in which Geek Outlaw nerds out more than I do and Ghostbusters is one of them.

DSC00641 (Large)

Which leads us to Cosplay! That poor Ghostbuster in the party hat totally got slimed.

DSC00655 (Large)

There was some great The Walking Dead cosplay, including this Rick Grimes and Walker Shane duo.

DSC00649 (Large)

The family that Walks together, stays together. This is the first time I’ve seen Negan/Lucille cosplay so that was exciting.

DSC00593 (Large)

As always, there was a ton of Star Wars cosplay.

DSC00575 (Large)

This protocol droid had a creative way of dealing with a busted leg.

DSC00571 (Large)

These Stormtroopers were very serious about guarding Carbonite Han.

DSC00591 (Large)

One the other hand, this Trooper was only interested in the rights of the vertically challenged Stormtroopers.

DSC00664 (Large)

Every convention brings more and more Doctor Who cosplay. It’s refreshing that folks in the States are finally catching on to its greatness.

DSC00615 (Large)

The adorkable Whovians were way more excited about Geek Outlaw’s getup than they were about taking a picture with me, even though I busted out my Fourth Doctor scarf just for the occasion.


Hello, Sexy! (that’s me showing off my TARDIS ring; not me threatening to punch to photographer)

DSC00609 (Large)


DSC00634 (Large)

Can’t we all just get along? LOL, just kidding. Get him, Doctor.

DSC00635 (Large)

Crossplayers after my own gorram heart.

DSC00603 (Large)

These TMNT costumes were made by scratch and were incredible. We saw Rafael and Donatello. Not sure where Michelangelo and Leonardo were. Presumably holding down the sewer.

DSC00570 (Large)

Tiny Lone Ranger and Tonto.

DSC00574 (Large)

Decepticon love.

DSC00595 (Large)

Awesome homemade Tetris costumes.

DSC00611 (Large)Well, Disney does own it now…

DSC00666 (Large)MST3K!!

DSC00675 (Large)Rufio! RUFIO! RU-FEE-OHHHHHH!!!!!! (there was TWO Rufios there, but this guy was the best by far).

DSC00660 (Large)

And finally (since this is a Comic Book Convention) the comicosplay!

We’ll start out with the DC ‘verse. Holy shit, it’s the Batman!

DSC00657 (Large)

And Robin the Boy Wonder!

DSC00661 (Large)

Riddler does what he wants!


Some of the Marvel villains were there, including Thanos.

DSC00630 (Large)

And Mystique.

DSC00682 (Large)

And the Destroyer.

DSC00659 (Large)

And Loki.

DSC00583 (Large)

But the Avengers were also there so it was cool. This Captain America cosplayer is in the Army in real life. Double awesome.

DSC00585 (Large)

Iron Maiden.

DSC00668 (Large)

It totally looks like I’m grabbing Black Widow’s bum so I’m just going to go with it and let you assume that I was 😉

DSC00674 (Large)

And, of course, my favorite (good little Norwegian girl that I am), Thor Odinson!

DSC00658 (Large)

And another!


And another!

DSC00663 (Large)


DSC00677 (Large)

The highlight of the day was definitely meeting Edward James Olmos and Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica. Both of them were so nice. Michael even helped me get some hair out of my face since I was squeezed in between them.


All in all, it was a great Con. Especially if you weren’t a lost child.

DSC00680 (Large)a

Until next year, Comikaze!

DSC00681 (Large)a

Attack of the Top 10 Sci-Fi Mustache’s

Hot Nerd Girl Mustache

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to decide whether or not he wants to sport some facial hair.  Trends have come and gone but one style remains a classic.

The mustache.

Some men prefer a classic lady tickler, others are more creatively inclined.  The 80’s sparked what I like to call the “pornstache.”  Heck, all four of my male parental units have maintained a crumb catcher at some point.

dad's with visors picture frameIn honor of great mustachioed men, here is my list of the Top 10 ‘staches of Sci-Fi:

10. Guy Fleegman – Galaxy Quest


"Who looks like a tool? I look like a tool. ALL RIGHT!"

We’ll start with the spoof, shall we?  Poor Guy, he had a bit part in his favorite sci-fi show and therefore became convinced he was doomed to die a redshirts death after he follows the crew aboard the Thermian’s NSEA Protector in an attempt to defeat the evil alien warlord Sarris.  Instead, he helps save the day and becomes Security Chief “Roc” Ingersoll.  See what a mustache will do for you kids?  It’s like MAGIC.

9. ZedZardoz

zardoz & borat

There are no coincidences.....

Sporting a red monokini and a fu manchu, Sean Connery tests the waters of science fiction with a confusing plotline and a trusty revolver.  Supposedly Zed is the perfect man, the result of eugenics experiments (he could pass for Khan’s brother, yah?) created to save mankind.  His inspiration?  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  No shit.  Don’t get it yet?  The God is named Zardoz as in WiZARD of OZ.  Yup, pretty much.  The best part about Zardoz is what he teaches: “The gun is good. The penis is evil. The penis shoots seeds, and makes new life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was, but the gun shoots death, and purifies the Earth of the filth of brutals. Go forth . . . and kill!” Seriously, you can’t make this shit up.

8. Admiral Adama Battlestar Galactica

Edward James Olmos Battlestar MustacheNormally Bill would be higher up in the list of anything and everything but since he only rocked his mustache when Laura Roslin wasn’t there to see it (aka about 3 episodes), he’s back at #8.  While his people were slowly migrating to New Caprica and his kid was busy getting fat in the face (but not really anywhere else which was really weird), Bill decided that the best way to alleviate his boredom would be to grow a mustache.  If my mission in life were suddenly gone, I’d be tempted to grow one too.  As soon as life got back to it’s scary, running from the toasters, normal self, the mustache came off and everyone (and I mean everyone) went back to the look they were sporting a year prior.  I think it was their little way of saying “Fuck you New Caprica, we never liked you anyway.”

7. Lt. Hiram CoffeyThe Abyss

CoffeyWhy do the movies always make Navy SEALS look like jackasses?  I’ve known a few Navy SEALS in my life (including one that was smaller than me and, no joke, sported a mustache) and let me tell you, you have to be a smart and focused son of a bitch to make it in their ranks.  Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Lt. Coffey is a Hollywood Navy SEAL trigger-happy jackass who dies trying to kill something (NTI’s) that he doesn’t understand with a warhead despite the fact that everyone around him is telling him to calm the fuck down.  His one redeeming quality?  A kick ass ‘stache.

6. Prince Barin Flash Gordon & Neville SinclairThe Rocketeer


Totally not photoshopped....

Hot damn Timothy Dalton, you really love your fanny duster, don’t you?  Timmy gets a double mention for these two beauties.

dalton_barinI’ll start with Flash Gordon.  I’m not gonna lie, I heart me some Queen and they did most of the soundtrack for this 1980’s film starring former Marine and Playgirl centerfold Sam J. Jones as a football player who gets rocket propelled into space and has to deal with alien drama in order to save Earth.  Like typical boys, Flash and Prince Barin have to fight each other before they realize that they can get more done if they team up.  Boys are so dumb sometimes.  They git-r-done and Timmy is made King.  Yay!

sinclairIn The Rocketeer Timmy switches sides and plays the bad guy.  Neville Sinclair is a dashing actor who just happens to be a Nazi spy.  Sporting a much more stylish mustache than his fuehrer, Neville meets his end after escaping a burning Zeppelin on a stolen rocket, and then crashing into the last four letters of the Hollywoodland sign (you always wondered what happened to those last four letters, didn’t you?)  The source of his demise?  Chewing gum, of course.  Take THAT you Nazi bastard!

5. Wikus District 9

wikus from district 9

"Excuse me, but do I have something in my eye?"

With a name like Sharlto Copley, you don’t even need a mustache to be cool.  But it can’t hurt.  Poor Wikus van de Merwe.  All he wants to do is impress his Father-in-Law.  Instead he gets alien jib sprayed in his face and loses that glorious mustache as he slowly mutates into a prawn.  At least he learns how to make flowers out of scrap metal.  Always looking on the bright side Wikus, it’s what I like about you.  That and your weird South African accent that isn’t quite British and isn’t quite Australian.

4. Wellington YuehDune

Yuah (Dean Stockwell) from DuneDean Stockwell is a personal favorite of mine having starred in Dune, Quantum Leap, and Battlestar Galactica.  For Dune he whipped out his trusty magic marker and drew on a rockin’ mustache.  Just for good measure, he threw in a spiffy red dot right smack in the middle of his forehead.  Yueh is a Suk doctor who has been trained to obey some kind of crazy futuristic Hippocratic Oath.  That is, until his wife gets kidnapped and he throws all of that right out the window, betraying and ultimately destroying his patron.  He sort of redeems himself in the end but it’s too little too late.

3. Shepherd BookFirefly

Shepard Book (Ron Glass) from FireflySome people have issues with Book’s hair while it’s in its natural, gloriously poufy state.  However, I’ve yet to hear one complaint about his mustache.  Why?  Because it’s awesome and even River can’t deny that fact.  I have no idea if the tea strainer is required by his religious order or not but I’m pretty sure it could help even the most hardened prostitute find religion.  Don’t believe me?  Watch “Heart of Gold” and ignore the fact that a madman with a battery-operated ray gun is coming after them.  Told you so.

2. Lando Calrissian Star Wars

Lando-CalrissianOk, so totally bizarro, but every time I think of Lando Calrissian I think of the song “Rico Suave.”  Seriously. What. The. Fuck.  I know it’s not rational and yet it happens every time.  I think I need electroshock therapy or something.  I’m just going to point to this definition of suave over at Urban Dictionary and be done with it.  Anyhooters…back to Lando aka friend/traitor/friend to Han Solo.  Don’t judge his actions until you’ve got Darth Vader all up in your shiznit.  For all we know, Boba Fett threatened to shave off his epic mustache.  That, my friends, would have been a tragic facial hair FAIL.

1. Montgomery Scott – Star Trek

Scotty nice mustache!

Scotty may not have grown out his nose neighbor until later than life but he still gets the top spot on my list.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s my God damn list.  And because, above all else, I heart Star Trek and because Jimmy Doohan was arguably the most talented actor in the entire cast.  He was the source of many voices, many characterizations, and was even the original inventor of both the Vulcan and Klingon languages.  He’s also the only person on this list whose ashes have been shot into space…actually I think he’s the only one who has died…but whatever, the point is, he has earned his spot at #1.  And he rules.

Scotty mean mustache! GRRRRRR!!!!!