First HNG Podcast


Welcome to the very first HNG podcast! Yay! My friend Darcy (getting knocked out in the above picture) and I discussed a range of topics including, what it was like to meet Stan Lee at Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con, Man of Steel, Independence Day 2, and a whole bunch of silliness in between. Since it was our first one and we thought it was pretty funny, we decided to keep the podcast raw and mostly unedited. Hopefully y’all have as much fun listening to it as we had recording it. We’ll be doing some more of these and I’m sure they will evolve and get even better (and/or crazier…ya never really know with us) over time. Thanks for listening!

Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con 2013


NerdBFF’s Geek Outlaw and Hot Nerd Girl

It’s no secret that I love Cons. I’ve been going to them for about 15 years now, back in the days when I got a hand stamp instead of a badge and seeing other girls was a rarity. Even costumes weren’t very common back then, I mostly saw those at the Star Trek Conventions. I can’t even count the number of Cons I’ve been to at this point but somehow I’d never been to one outside of California.

Shocking, I know.

My NerdBFF Geek Outlaw and I decided to remedy that over the weekend with a quick jaunt over to Vegas for the 1st annual Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con. Geek Outlaw drove from Los Angeles and went Friday/Saturday while Mama Jedi and I flew from San Diego and went Saturday/Sunday.

There also happened to be some kind of cowboy rodeo convention going on at the same time so this trip was pretty much tailor made for Geek Outlaw.


One of the major draws for us was the fact that Stan Lee was going to be there. Despite our Media Passes we both splurged for the Stan Lee Experience which included the following…

1) A photo with Stan (we got three).


Heehee, my shirt says “harder”


Classic Spidey pose

IMG_0862 (1)

The group shot where Mama Jedi got frisky

2) An autograph (Geek Outlaw and I each got two).

The first thing I had him sign was a Thor comic I bought specially for this purpose (and also because I forgot to bring any of my comic books from home :()

photo (2)

And of course I had to have him sign my picture. He called me his girlfriend 😉


(btw, epic fail that Mama Jedi wasn’t there for that)

3) And lastly, a seat at Stan’s Q&A panel.


Where I snagged a chair in the front row AND got to ask him a question!


What was my question, you ask? Well, it sounded way better in my head and I sort of panicked a little when I got picked so it came out as something like “How does it feel to be revered all around the world for your work?” Meh. He gave a great answer though, which I totally can’t remember because I couldn’t believe that Stan Lee was actually answering my question. If you’d like to watch the whole panel (or, at least, 95% of it), Geek Outlaw (who also got to ask a question) recorded it for your viewing pleasure.

(Soooo yeeeeaaah….totally planned to have the youtube link here but Geek Outlaw hasn’t gotten around to it yet so I’ll put it in once he sends it to me. Stay tuned!)

Also, Stan is quite spry for 90 year old. You can see him do a nice little swing down the stairs AND shout “Excelsior!” in this short little video I recorded at the very end of the panel.


It was worth every penny. With all of that, Saturday was pretty much Stan Lee Day and we didn’t do much else; however, I did manage to sneak in and watch Jim Lee (the other big name at the Con) do an amazing drawing demonstration.

Jim Lee drawing at LVCC

I met some seriously cool Vendors and artists while walking around the floor on Sunday. Here were my favorites.


Geek Outlaw met the lovely ladies of V.A.G.I.N.A. (Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities) on Friday and took me over to meet them on Saturday. They are a collection of Las Vegas-based girls who nerd hard and have hearts of gold. At their booth they were selling nerdy handmade crafts, the proceeds of which go to a reading charity. You can check out their website HERE or visit them on facebook HERE. Nerd girls of the world unite!

IMG_9005aThis Las Vegas mother-daughter duo are another pair of awesome fellow nerdettes. Trish (on the left) makes these insanely gorgeous pieces of steampunk jewelry. She’s so dedicated to her craft that the epoxy she uses started changing the shape of her eyeballs and she was ordered by her ophthalmologist to use goggles. That’s hardcore. This picture doesn’t do her pieces justice. Check them out at her website HERE.


This is Chris, I got some nifty badges for future costumes from his booth. He’s been travelling around the country for 20 years and is a wealth of information about the best Conventions.


Laughing Moon had the raddest booth imho.


Todd Bernardy writes a comic about a space program in Hawaii called the Kukui Project. Space + Hawaii = two of my very favorite things. Mama Jedi and I had a great conversation with Todd and I look forward to reading/reviewing his series. Stay tuned because I plan on interviewing this talented guy. Check out some of his other work HERE.

Someone I didn’t get a picture of but who I’m keeping an eye on because I LOVE his art is Jason Oakes. He’s planning on doing a Thor piece in the next couple of weeks and y’all know I’m a good little Norwegian girl who loves me some Thor. You can see what I’m talking about and check out some of his art HERE. Also, we had a pretty epic conversation about how bad ass Teddy Roosevelt (who hated being called “Teddy” btw) was so, ya know, history nerds FTW.

I know y’all love the costumes and, I must say, there were some pretty awesome ones. So let’s get to it!

We’ll kick things off with Robot Chicken. Because we can.


From the DC ‘verse we’ve got Supergirl (and some seriously Super Chucks).


This group is in serious need of a Batman.  Where’d Batty go anyways?


I see that Robin managed to find Catwoman but still no sign of Batman.


Oh wait, there he is in this totally random group that includes Ash, and a crapload of zombies/evil dead. I’m not really sure how we got involved in that insanity but I’m glad we did.


How about some DC villains?


I’ll take those DC villains and raise you a symbiote Spider-Man in skin tight latex rubber.


On to Marvel. Plenty of Thor’s and Loki’s in both male and female incarnations.


You just got Loki’d.


Let’s throw in another Avenger, shall we?


Mama Jedi made him angry.


But these Hulk enthusiasts were super nice and became our Stan Lee line buddies.


Wolverine and Iron Man were fun and enthusiastic. Iron Man in particular had a lot of creative ideas for poses.

Hot Nerd Girl Wolverine Iron Man LVCC 2013

Look! It’s an iron!

Yup. I could definitely get used to this.


No, really, I could.


Ran into a few Spidey’s both big…


Creeper Batman

…and small…


And about a billion Deadpool’s.


Might as well have some fun with them 😉


This is me attempting to photobomb Geek Outlaw’s picture but all you really see is arms and boobs.


Kitty Pryde with the most adorable Lockheed EVER.


In Part Two of “totally random photo groupings,” Iron Man totally photobombed my picture with these miniature Whovians.


I’ll use that picture and this one to bridge the gap between comics and sci-fi. It’s a hottie Rocketeer!!


I keep running into Boba Fett wherever I go. I’m starting to get worried about there being a price on my head.


Geek Outlaw is always on the look out for Ghostbusters and he finally found one.


Warhammer? Correct me if I’m wrong. I probably should have asked but I was pretty much in awe of the whole getup.

*Big thanks to the folks who’ve informed me that this is Al Elric from Full Metal Alchemist!


This Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) lookalike is 6 feet, 7 inches of sweetheart.

Hot Nerd Girl John Coffey The Mile LVCC

The Edward that doesn’t sparkle.

Hot Nerd Girl Edward Scissorhands LVCC

And just because I love it so much we’re ending with Star Trek. This fellow Trekette came complete with a Tribble.


And these fellow Trekettes won brownie points for their creative Starfleet uniform interpretations. I especially love the Redshirt with a chunk of the TARDIS protruding from her abdomen. Crossover WIN.


And that’s all she wrote! Thanks for a lovely time Las Vegas, hope to see you next year!

Oh yeah, and if you want to see me dressed up in lots of nerdy costumes, be sure to get an HNG calendar. It’s got a convention calendar so you won’t miss the one near you. For more info go HERE.