Star Trek Captains Podcast (Ten Forward)

This is a very sleep deprived HNG coming to you from New York City. I’m here visiting my nieces and having a great time with them. Unfortunately for me, I usually go to bed around midnight-2:00am California time. Combine my sleeping habits with the time zone change and my body wants to go to sleep between 3:00am-5:00am New York time. Since I’m typically waking up around 8:00am that’s not working out too well for me. 5-hour Energy has become my new best friend.

It’s time for another podcast with the awesome guys over at World’s Best Podcast and their section dedicated to all things Star Trek – “Ten Forward.” This time around we discussed the Captains from Star TrekStar Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space NineStar Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. It made for a very entertaining discussion, let me tell you!

Oh, and we recorded this a while ago when I was very sick so my voice is all scratchy and Janeway-sounding. I was also suffering a bit from sick brain so it was difficult for me to put my thoughts together at times.  But considering how awful I felt, I thought I did pretty good.

Thanks to Mark and Isaac! It’s always fun to talk Trek with you! Listen to the podcast here:

Or if, as per usual, if the above player takes too long to buffer, just click here to listen:

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The Linda Hamilton Chronicles

So, it turns out that a lot of people dig Linda Hamilton.  Either that or they just search for her a lot.  Ms. Hamilton has consistently been one of the top searched for people on the Hot Nerd Girl Blog.

I’m not gonna lie, this perplexes me just a little.

Not because I don’t think she’s awesome, obviously I do as previously stated in my 10 Hottest Babes of Sci-Fi post.  It’s just that it’s been a little while since she was a headlining actress in a major motion picture.

Our relationship is fine! We swear!

Maybe it’s because her ex-husband, James “Jimbo” Cameron has been in the news thanks to Avatar?  He was competing with ex-wife #2, Kathryn Bigalow, during all of the awards ceremonies….so why shouldn’t ex-wife #3 Linda Hamilton come up?

However, I lean towards the notion that it’s because there’s more to this tough girl than meets the eye.

For example, did you know that Linda Hamilton auditioned for the role of Kathryn Janeway?  Genevieve Bujold got the role and then infamously quit after one day of filming, handing over the part to Kate Mulgrew.  Hamilton was also considered for the role of Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, a role that ended up going to a not-quite-uber-famous-yet Nicole Kidman.


Linda is somewhat of a sci-fi goddess and has been since the start of her acting career.  In quick succession she went from Children of the Corn to The Terminator.  James Cameron loved her so much that he changed Sarah Connor’s scripted age from 19 to 27 just for Linda.  Her most famous TV role was opposite Ron Perlman (Can I just say how much I LOVE him??) in Beauty and the Beast.  I totally remember watching that show as a kid and thinking she was the prettiest lady alive.


batman-forever with linda hamilton?


Of course, she then became the most bad ass lady alive when she went crazy training for Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the movie she is most famous for and arguably one of the greatest movies of all time.

So what is Linda up to these days?  Besides lamenting her marriage to Cameron and discussing her bipolar disorder, that is.

She’s back in action as the mother of Chuck. A neglectful mother and CIA agent who is still kicking ass and taking names.

Typical Linda Hamilton.

beauty and the beast cat lady