Oh my Odin! It’s Vikingfest! 2012 Edition

I’ll admit it. I’m a festival nut.

I’m a proud American made up of German, Norwegian, Danish, English, Irish and Bohemian parts (or as I like to call myself, a “Euro Mutt”). I also get mistaken for a crapload of other ethnicities as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I’m Eastern European, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Hispanic, yadda, yadda, yadda. For some reason random strangers really like to speculate about my ethnicity. I get asked at the grocery store, by people walking by on the street, I even got asked by a lady in the public bathroom at a baseball game once. Which is kind of weird but kind of cool at the same time.

So I can pretty much fit in at any festival there is.

I’ve been known to attend Chinese New Years, Renaissance Faires, Asian Music Festivals, and various Reenactments, but I mostly frequent Oktoberfest (I actually really dig polka dancing. That’s cool…….right?), the Scottish Highland Games (my step-dad is Scottish), and Viking Fest.

Since relocating to San Diego in 2011, this is my 2nd time going to the Vista Viking Festival. I wrote about it last year as well which you can check out HERE.

Here are some pics from Vikingfest 2012:

Me and my Norwegian Mama.

aka Mama Jedi

Pretty Vista, CA sky.

I take A LOT of sky pictures

Cosplaying at Vikingfest. You’re doing it wrong.

I just…I have no words.

Cosplaying at Vikingfest. You’re doing it right!

Valkyrie WIN!

Old school silversmithing.

Yay for child labor!


My Scottish step-dad with his Pict paint


That’s my good friend Brett. He’s the one who zombifies my pictures for me.

We drank two of these in a row. They were surprisingly potent for such little shots.


The result:

By the throwing axes. We probably should have stayed away from that section at that point in time.

But we found a super awesome horned vampire skull mug!

Still trying to figure out what kind of critter this is supposed to be

Introducing Brett to the wonder that is lefse.


Brett approves.

nom nom nom

I can eat lefse all day, every day and be perfectly happy.

nom nom nom

No really, I seriously love the stuff.

nom nom nom

A festival favorite, this is the 3rd time I’ve seen Highland Way. They’re a lot of fun. Here they are joined by The Lacemakers.

Both are technically Celtic bands. Apparently there aren’t many Viking bands in San Diego.

Some SCA combat.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty badass

And last but not least….it’s Ghost!

Friendliest. Direwolf. Ever.

On to the next festival!