Halloween Conundrum

With Halloween fast approaching and me not able to decide just what super nerdy¬†character I should dress up as this year I thought to myself, “Hey! You have a blog! Let’s crowd source this sucker and get some help!” (And yes, in my head I’m yelling at myself….!!!!!)

Here are a few of the outfits I’ve been toying around with for this year. I’ve only got a week so I’m in serious need of feedback. I also don’t have a ton of cash, so I used my super amazing Photoshop skills to give you a rough idea of what I’d look like in each of the costumes.

Here are my top four choices right now, but if you have a suggestion just leave a comment on the blog of the FB page.

#1: Princess Lea

I know what you’re thinking; why not the gold bikini? Everyone does the gold bikini guys. Plus, how will I ever beat these two chicks when it comes to the gold bikini?

Tracy Princess Lea

#2: Star Trek

No other Star Trek series has been able to match The Original Series in the sexy uniform department.¬† Hence why I’m debating this tight little number from the new/old Star Trek.

Tracy Star Trek

#3: Boba Fett

Seriously. It’s Boba Fett. Who doesn’t want to be Boba Fett?

#4: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Not sure if it’s the sai or the brasier, but I like this one. Ok, why lie, I love the boots!

Tracy ninja turtle

I might have a few more tomorrow. If you have any suggestions I’m open to them!