HNG Podcast #9 – These Are the Voyages

John DF Black promoting the book with Balok

John DF Black promoting These Are the Voyages with Balok

I’m a HUGE Trekker. If you don’t know this about me than you’re probably new around here. It was my introduction to nerdom and I’ve literally been watching it since the day I was born. So when I saw a booth at Comikaze advertising a Star Trek book called These are the Voyages: TOS, Season One I was intrigued and I had to buy one of the signed copies.

About a month ago at Comikaze

About a month ago at Comikaze

Written and assembled by Marc Cushman, it was being hailed (pun intended) by many as the best Star Trek book ever written. Now, I’ve read many, many Star Trek books on topics ranging from physics to gagh, including reading each edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia cover to cover and most of the continuing universe sagas. I’ve loved every one of them but this claim was something I had to experience for myself.

Author Marc Cushman

Author Marc Cushman

I was not disappointed. If anything, I was enthralled. Quite simply, if you’re a Trekkie or a Trekker or a Trekken, you have to read this book. The forward is written by John D.F. Black, the last surviving Producer of Star Trek, and Mary Black, his lovely wife who was his secretary and who read every script and note that landed on John’s desk.

While at Comikaze I exchanged business cards with the lovely folks running the booth and when the opportunity arose to interview Marc, John and Mary on the podcast, Darcy and I jumped on it. What follows is one of the greatest moments that has happened to me since I started HNG back in 2010. The chance to discuss Star Trek with people who were there and with someone who is, in mine and I’m sure many other people’s opinions, one of the foremost authorities on the subject.

I really hope that you enjoy this podcast because I had soooo much fun recording it!

Enjoy 🙂

And be sure to purchase These are the Voyages: TOS, Season One HERE.

these are the voyages book cover

These are the Voyages: TOS, Season Two will be out in February!




HNG Podcast #6

HNG podcast Sept 2013

What up, y’all! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA. I seem to have very little free time these days. Soooooooper lame. I’ve got a few posts in the works though so expect some more activity very soon. In the meantime, Darcy and I managed to find some time for a podcast earlier this week and Hayden aka Geek Outlaw was kind enough to join us.

We talked about Ben Affleck as the new Batman, Darcy’s first impression of Game of Thrones, hipster Spidey, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and some other random nerdy tangents. At one point I mention the “Honest Trailer” for Star Trek (2009) and I say that I’ll post the link so HERE YOU GO. Watch it and weep tears of hilarity.

Big thanks to Darcy and first-timer Hayden. Hope you enjoy the podcast!