HNG Podcast: Doctor Who Edition


Its official, we have a 12th Doctor! Peter Capaldi will be taking over the reigns from Matt Smith this Christmas and, while I’ll be so sad to see Matt go, I’m unbelievably excited to see what Peter will bring to the fish finger and custard-laden table. Darcy and I ended up talking about the Doctor Who ‘verse almost exclusively during this week’s podcast and we had A LOT of fun doing it. We also went into Torchwood quite a bit and speculated over the identity of the mysterious black actor who was offered and turned down (?!?!!) the role before it was offered to Peter Capaldi.


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HNG Podcast, part deux

HNG batgirl darcy

Welcome the the 2nd HNG podcast!

This week Darcy and I went off on a ton of nerdy tangents. We talk about everything from Falling Skies to Doctor Who to the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Put Pilot and just a ton of tomfoolery.

Next week we’ll be having a Pre-Comic Con Confab. A Pre-Com Con Con. Wow, say that five times fast.

Thanks for listening!