WonderCon 2012

The WonderCrew: Troi, Geek Outlaw, HNG, Mama Jedi

The first time I went to WonderCon was way back in 2002 while I was in college in San Francisco.  I was the only girl in the group and was rocking my Batman Underoos and a very ill-fitting SFSU sweatshirt.

A Spider-Man sticker on top of a Batman logo...I'm trying to remember if we had some sort of Marvel vs. DC thing going on that day....

Since moving to Southern California I wasn’t sure I’d ever go to a WonderCon again but fate had other plans (namely construction) and planted WonderCon in Anaheim this year.  I had to go.  Now, normally I like to spend at least two days at a comic book convention; however, WonderCon inconveniently fell on St. Patrick’s Day weekend and the Irish blood in me refused to give up the St. Patty’s Day festivities.  Therefore, I settled for going to WonderCon on Friday only.

This was the first Comic Book Convention for my Mom, my sister-in-law Troi and my friend Hayden (aka Geek Outlaw).  We’re all going to San Diego Comic Con this Summer so it was good practice for them.  My Mom wore the HNG t-shirt I had made for Long Beach Comic Con and guys were flirting with her all day.  What can I say?  I have a hot mama.  Hayden wore his Geek Outlaw outfit which was so weighed down by his geeky accoutrements that he literally had to mosey.


First things first.  Star Trek.  Star Trek actors are the only celebrities I get star struck by.  I’m not sure why that is other than the fact that I heart Star Trek sosososososososo much.  Seriously, Harrison Ford could walk up to me and I’d be like “yo, what’s up dude?” but if Patrick Stewart did that I would freak the fuck out.  So it should come as no surprise that when I saw Anthony Montgomery (aka Ensign Travis Mayweather) I freaked the fuck out.

See that look on my face? That's pure joy right there.

I was in the process of purchasing a comic book and getting my face sketched on the back of it (more on that later) when Hayden and I realized that Anthony was in the booth right next door.  I couldn’t move yet because of the sketching so Hayden went over and warned Anthony that a Super Trekkie was in his midst.  I tend to be a very shy person but as soon as I got the go ahead from the sketch artist that I could move I practically mauled the poor man.

I swear I don't normally do this type of thing!

He now holds the distinction of being the only Star Trek actor that I’ve hugged.  Twice.  Seriously though, super super super nice guy.  I even told him my Connor Trinneer story and he got a laugh out of that (short version: I had just arrived at Whole Foods in Hollywood and saw a guy holding a baby and trying to get a grocery cart.  I got the grocery cart for him and when he turned around and thanked me I realized it was Connor Trinneer and I almost had a heart attack right on the spot).

Anthony was there promoting his new graphic novel Miles Away.  Y’all should check it out because it looks really good and because I heart him.  A lot.

Back to the comic book I was purchasing before I saw Anthony….

Artist: J caught my eye because she’s a fellow HNG who wrote a comic book. Seriously, she’s badass.  She combines the comic with music to create a whole experience for the reader.  I love and support my fellow HNG’s and you should too.  So check her out.

And she makes a darn sexy Wonder Woman too

One of her artists, Will Olmo, did a quick sketch of me on the back of the book.

While looking for an artist I saw at LBCC (alas, I never found him and I can’t remember his name) I ran into two other artists that I will be paying close attention to from now on.  The first one is Mike McKone who happens to live just a few miles away from me.  I’m going to try and hit him up for an interview.  The second is Gerimi Burleigh creator of Eye of the Gods and Morningstar.  We first noticed Gerimi because Hayden is a fan of the country western genre and Morningstar has a cowboy twist to it.  After talking to him, you can’t help but like him.  Super talented and super nice.  Plus, he has an awesome name.

Geek Outlaw and Gerimi Burleigh

DC is fighting hunger in Africa with their We Can Be Heroes campaign.  To bring attention to the cause they had a photobooth set up wherein you could get your picture taken with shadowy images of the Justice League.

They printed a picture for you (or in Hayden’s case, a crapload of pictures…the printer went nuts over his sexy photo and wouldn’t stop printing them). The photos will be accessible online and on the DC facebook page at some point.

My scanner doesn't like this picture for some reason so I'll replace it when they get the digital versions up

We went to an Amazing Spider-Man panel where I saw and got super excited about this:

It's Punisher! In space!

But the best panel was Nerdist Industries Live! I really hope that no one reading this is too young to remember MTV’s Singled Out.  It was back when MTV still played music videos and there were only a handful of reality shows, namely Real World, Singled Out and Love Line (though LL may have come later…I can’t remember, I haven’t watched MTV in years). Anyhooters, people mostly remember Singled Out because it introduced the world to Jenny McCarthy.  I remember it because it introduced me to Chris Hardwick.  My love for him has only increased over the years what with The Nerdist, Talking Dead, and various hilarious commentaries on E! pop culture shows.

He introduced several people who will be participating in the new Nerdist youtube channel.

Those of us in Ballroom 3 had to pay dearly to see this panel.  Warner Brothers decided that right beforehand they would force everyone waiting for The Nerdist to watch an episode of The Secret Circle.  It was worse than Chinese water torture.  And this is coming from someone who enjoys Twilight (I know, I know). It did give Chris the opportunity to tell jokes about sexy witch scissor sex (that’s how you complete the circle, right?) which almost made it worth it.  Almost.

Other Chris Hardwick gems:

Nerds make the shiny things that distract the mouth breathers.

A nerd’s true superpower is to try to understand something and try to live it more than any other living creature.

At the end of the panel Chris had two Angry Bird stuffed animals.  The first he threw right to a kid in the front row who made them all feel horribly guilty for cussing.  The second he decided to throw as far as he could.  The guy next to me was crazy still during the whole panel but he wanted that GD Angry Bird.  I’ve never seen a man that size move so fast.  It was pretty epic.  And the guy was STOKED.  Of course I captured it on video.


On to cosplay photos!

We got to take pictures in front of an Avengers poster while holding Cap’s shield.

Somehow I ended up being the buttkicker in both photos

And then with Captain America himself.

There was Batman.

And Rogue.

Hulk…at least the top half of him…

And Spidey (who was insanely flexible).

And then there was whatever the frak this guy is.

That's a nice leg and dangly-thing you got there Mister

To represent the gamers we had some Halo.

And some Halo Barbies.

Scorpion had some crazy white contacts lenses that gave me a really great mental picture of what Roose Bolton’s eyes must look like.

Abraham Lincoln was in attendance just in case any vampires showed up.

Battlestar Galactica was represented.

This is the best Doctor #10 I’ve ever seen at a Con.  He was spot on.

These fellow HNG’s made their Tardis dresses themselves.  As a very non-domestic lady I was extremely impressed.

It takes this artist 8 hours to put this Firefly display together every time he goes to a convention.


My favorite shirt of day.

I heart Transformers.  Haha, j/k, it’s a Gundam.

And, of course, there was plenty of the Force.

Last but not least, Hayden’s favorite, the Ghostbusters.

That was a really hard pose to hold.

….and all the times Troi and I decided to photobomb Hayden’s pictures… 🙂

Our souvenirs, including an R2D2 for my nephew.

WonderCon turned out to be a good time had by all.  The newbies are sufficiently stoked for SD Comic Con and I got an 8-bit Starfleet communicator. What more could a girl ask for?


Hello Sweetie! 25 Take Aways from Doctor Who

A girl can dream...

If you follow the facebook page then you know that I’ve been more than a little obsessed with Doctor Who lately.  I tend to do that.  Get obsessed with something and then turn around and get obsessed with something else.  Thankfully I have AMAZING taste in obsessions.

Two months ago I was a Doctor Who virgin.  Sad, I know.  I wish I had the time to invest in all of the amazing science fiction and fantasy shows that are out there, but I don’t.  I have my shows that I follow religiously and for the rest I embark on epic television show marathons.  It actually works out pretty well for me.  Everything stays nice and fresh in my multiple-franchise-fact-packed little brain and I don’t have to wait a whole agonizing week for the next episode to come out.  It’s a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself. 

And I do.

Anyhooters.  I got through Seasons 1-5 (aka Doctor’s 9, 10, and the first of Doctor 11) ridiculously fast.  Seriously…that whole unpacking and organizing my new house thing took a major productivity dive.  Then something horrific happened.  Netflix wouldn’t give me any more episodes. I wasn’t (and still am not – stupid broken computer 🙁 ) set up to BitTorrent them and I was really hoping to not have to buy them on Amazon Instant Video (just bought a house, remember?)  I went through Doctor withdrawals.  It was pathetic.  But I started organizing my house again which I GUESS was a good thing.  Pssh.

Then the season finale came and BBCA did a whole marathon of season 6.  Thanks GODS!  Then I had to go out of town.  Gah!  How did I ever live without a DVR?  I have no idea.  Since I got back I’ve been watching episodes between cleaning, organizing, wedding attending, yadda yadda yadda and I am FINALLY all caught up.  Phew!

I can officially proclaim myself a Whovian!

So here are my thoughts on the Doctor, his companions, his enemies and all the rest. Watch out, because as River Song would say…SPOILERS!

1. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I will spend an entire day talking like a Dalek?

2. I brought this up on the facebook page but it warrants repeating:

Does anyone else think it’s weird that the daughter of the guy who played the 5th Doctor went on to play the daughter of the 10th Doctor and gave birth to the daughter of the guy who played the 10th Doctor?

3. Dear Doc #9…you’re cool in a goofy “wait, aren’t you supposed to be a villain?” kind of way.  Your smile could light up the room and was really adorable.  I feel for you because you got all of the cheesy special effects and that really sucked for you.  Plus, you only got one season which was sad but kind of awesome because it made way for Doc #10.  I feel bad for admitting that but it’s true.  Still, you’re the one who dragged me in and solidified my Doctor Who addiction and for that, I will always be in your debt.

4. Wait, did I hear it right that the Doctor killed his entire race in order to defeat the Daleks??  That’s some fucked up shit right there.

5. OMFG enough with the creepy dolls.  What is it with creepy dolls??? Ugh, I hate creepy dolls.

6. I’m not gonna lie, when we first met Donna I wasn’t a huge fan. 

Donna with Doctor #10

When they ditched her in favor of Martha I thought, yup, right decision!  Then they ditched Martha and brought back Donna and I thought, wtf? didn’t we establish that Donna was annoying??  Then I started to crazy love Donna and I was hoping she’d stick around for a while.  When her storyline ended I cried.  Not just because it had ended but because of the way it ended and how they made her go back to being annoying Donna.  She had the worst fate of all the Companions and my heart still breaks for her.  

7. Speaking of Martha…

Martha with Doctor #10

I love how the Producers had such a hard on for Freema Agyeman that they cast her as Martha RIGHT AFTER casting her as Adeola, the Torchwood minion who got all Cyberman’d in “Army of Ghosts.”  Did they think we wouldn’t notice that it was the same chick?  Not hardly.  I can see why they did it though.  Martha was fantastic.  I felt bad for her that she was the rebound chick but that’s the price you pay for being a Companion, you’re going to get hurt somehow.  At least she went all girl power and took off on her own and became a badass soldier.  Now she’s a lawyer on Law and Order UK with Lee Adama.  Girl gets around.

8. Badger’s back!!  I heart you so much Mark Sheppard.  I mean, is there a sci-fi show that you won’t do??  Please say no.

Frakking badass

9. Aside from being a better title than “The Doctor” I never really got why the show was called “Doctor Who.”  I mean, sure, people ask “doctor who?” every once in a while, but not really enough to make it the title of the show.  Now, thanks to a fat blue man with no body, I expect to find out the answer to that question and holy fucking crap I can’t wait!

10. Dear Doc #10…I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you.  You had the best hair, the best clothes (sorry, Doc #11, but bow ties aren’t that cool), the best facial expressions.  You speak volumes with nothing but a raised eyebrow.  The whole daughter paradox thing creeps me out a little but I could get past that.  I get it Rose, I totally get it.  I would hit that too.

11. The thought of fish fingers and custard makes me want to barf.  But that scene was fucking brilliant.

12. I’m confused….is Rory still plastic?  Or did he get converted back to being human somewhere along the way and I just missed it?

13. I will never look at angel statues the same way again.  Ever.


Ok, fine. You can blink one eye at a time. Smart ass.

14. STFU!  Jack is the Face of Boe?!?

15. “Vincent and the Doctor” is one of the greatest episodes of television I have ever seen. Not so much because of the giant invisible chicken, but because of the last 10 minutes. I don’t think it’s possible to watch it without shedding a few tears.  Tragically beautiful.

16. Will someone please sell me some hallucinogenic lipstick already?! 

17. Rose is probably my favorite Companion. 

Rose with Doctor #9 (I had to get him in here somehow)

She’s adorable in her bucked-tooth, cockney accented way but mostly I think it’s because of her chemistry with Doctor #10.  I cried the ugly cry when he had to leave her in the alternate dimension.  Sorry, Mickey, but you simply can’t replace the Doctor. When she started popping up in the background of season 4 I think I screamed a few times.  I miss that combo.

18. Amy is a very close second. 

Amy with Doctor #11

I like her spunky Scottish redhead attitude and her relationship with Rory is adorable.  I was ridiculously happy when Amy chose Rory over the Doctor after that weird sort-of-but-sort-of-not love triangle thing they had going on there.  If they had kept going in that direction it would have been seriously awkward when River started coming around more often.  Rory should wear that Last Centurian costume, like, all the time.  So cute.

19. Is it just me or is everyone reminded of The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer when they look at The Silents (aka The Silence)? 

I swear, this is one of those situations where the DW writers know what the fuck is really going on and the rest of us are all oblivious.  Seriously, how many of these fuckers have I killed in my life and I can’t even remember doing it??

20. Ok really? Giant green alien babies? Sorry Raxacoricofallapatorian’s, but you’re just not that scary.  Although, I suppose you’re better than the Adipose….

21. Dear Doc #11…you’re cuter than #9 but not as cute as #10.  But I dig your fluttering randomness…I keep debating with myself whether or not you’ve got multiple personality disorder.  I’m still undecided.  I like that you’re angier than your predecessors.  You’ve got that whole “brooding tortured old soul” thing going on inside mixed with that “big goofy man-boy” exterior.  It’s a good time for all.  Ditch the Stetson but keep the Fez.  Fez’s are cool.  It’s weird how it looks so good on you. I wasn’t sure how you were going to get out of that whole death thing but I’m glad you did.  And well done on the wife front.  You’ve got good taste in women.

22. Emperor Palpatine + Nazgul = Headless Monks.  Am I right??

23. I’m conflicted.  Now I don’t know if I’d rather have a Starship or a TARDIS.  I used to be so sure that I wanted a Starship but a TARDIS isn’t restricted by the speed of light or timelines or the need for warp coils. *sigh*  I’m sorry Gene Roddenberry, but I think I need to go with the TARDIS.  Now excuse me while I go hang my Trekkie head in shame.

Can't I just have both?

24. The two-episode story arc where all of the former companions come together to help defeat the Daleks (“The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End”) is probably my favorite part of the whole series.  I love seeing the forces of good coming together to defeat evil and I was so happy to see Rose get her happy ending, even if it meant that Donna lost hers.  The part at the end when the Doctor tells Donna’s family that she was the most important person in the whole universe and that generations of alien worlds will tell stories about her was so poignant.  All of her dreams came true and she can never know about it.  Ugh.  Gutwrenching.  And the look on the Doctor’s face when he gave Rose to his weird hand clone, knowing that he would never see her again but that she could be finally have peace with part of him.  Ugh.  Gutwrenching.  The science fiction aspect is great but what separates Doctor Who from the rest of the sci-fi pack is the emotional wallop it deals you on a regular basis.  I lost count of how many times this show has broken my heart.

25. And last but not least, my hero, the one and only River Song.  How does one go about explaining all the of epic awesomeness that is the Doctor’s wife/murderer?  Although…technically I guess she didn’t actually murder him…but you know what I mean.  The woman gave up any possibility of ever regenerating again in order to save the Doctor after the first time she tried to kill him (again with the fabulous lipsticks!!)  And she made the ultimate sacrifice to keep him alive from the Shadows.  It’s not just her loyalty that makes her so endearing.  It’s her spunk.  And maybe her hair.  The Doctor solves problems without violence whenever possible but he has no problem with letting River shoot people.  Honestly, would he be able to talk her out of it?  Probably not.  God I love a woman with a gun.  She’s just as clever, if not more so, than the Doctor.  The only woman in the universe that can match him.  The fact that their timelines are reversed just adds to the tragic beauty of their romance.  They can never truly be together.  All they have are stolen moments in time in which they never know how well they’ll know each other.  It’s practically Shakesperean!

Goodbye Sweetie