My Star Wars Leap Day Night Thing at Disneyland

The Lovely Ladies of Leap Day - Jessica, HNG, Troi

At first I didn’t that think our little Leap Day trip to Disneyland was nerdy enough to write about. Then I thought about the fact that I stayed up all night for a history-making 24 hour Disney marathon and I realized that this is about as nerdy as it gets.

Our little group chose a Star Wars theme for our little adventure. We were planning to ride Star Tours multiple times like I had on my birthday. Also, we all love Star Wars. We wore our t-shirts. Jessica had her Darth Vader backpack. Troi had her Darth Vader sweatshirt. I had my Darth Vader watch. Then, of course, it turned out to be über cold and we had to cover up our sweet t-shirts. Then Jessica had to head out and she took her sweet backpack with her. In the end the only proof of our Star Wars love was Troi’s sweet Vader sweatshirt. Which got a ton of compliments in the Star Tours line the ONE time we were able to ride it.

But this guy kind of made up for it with his sweet Viking beard beanie

We also had our mini lightsabers. I snagged them the second I saw them at Target because they, well, look like mini lightsabers. Only after I brought them home did I realize that they could also be used as location devices. At that point I didn’t think the park would be very busy in the middle of the night. I was very very wrong about that. So these bad boys came in handy on multiple occasions. Plenty of people had glow sticks and light up Mickey ears but these outshined them all. I’m never going to any nighttime event without one ever again. A stroke of genius on my part.  And did I mention that it doubles as a lightsaber?

Mini lightsabers FTW!

I got to introduce Troi to the awesomeness that is Captain Eo. Usually she has my 3 year old nephew with her and he’s not quite old enough to sit still or appreciate he epicness that is Michael Jackson throwing rays of light that turn the Borg into 80’s workout video dancers. And they gave us a special pin for watching it on Leap Day. Double win.

We had to fight for this picture with Darth Vader. Seriously, people, you just don’t mess with my sister-in-law. She’s married to a marine so she has badassery via osmosis. She plays roller derby so she has badassery in her own right. She’s all tatted up (including a skull that looks like it should be Klingon, that one is my favorite) so basically she’s just badass all around. Here’s what happened…

Don't come between a fangirl and her Vader

We were hanging out by the totally random rave party for about 5 minutes while Troi said hi to a friend of hers.  As we were leaving we saw Darth Vader and two stormtroopers walk by.  Game Over for Troi, the girl is borderline obsessed with Vader.  So we follow them and see a line to take a picture with them. It’s kind of long, but shit, so are all the other lines so we get in it.  They say that Vader and friends are going to be there for half an hour.  The way the line is moving we’ll totally get to the front in time.  Ten minutes later one of the girls working the line…don’t know her name so we’ll just call her Evil Whore….starts shouting that Vader is only going to be there for 5 more minutes.  The person behind us in line has a schedule of his appearances and says not to worry, he’ll be back at midnight (in about 20 minutes or so).  We have nothing better to do because, at this point, we’re still under the delusion that people will clear out of the park after the parade at 1am, so we decide to wait.  About 5 minutes later the stormtroopers come back sans Vader (so they’re obviously following this so-called schedule they’ve given out).  Troi gets a little anxious and goes up to EW and asks when Vader is coming back. EW says it won’t be for about another half an hour.  Troi very nicely says that she would like to wait for Vader and that other people can go in front of us in the line if they want a picture with just the stormtroopers.  EW flips the fuck out.  She says that we have to take pictures with just the stormtroopers or we can’t have pictures at all.  Troi comes back to the line fuming.  Everyone around us wants to know what’s going on and why Vader isn’t there.  Troi fills them in on what EW said and states that she’s not moving.  She’s waiting for Vader and EW can suck it.  Everyone else decides that they are going to do the same.  We get to the front of the line and refuse to move.  EW starts yelling at us.  We start calmly explaining our position.  EW starts threatening us.  We start not so calmly explaining our position and all the ways in which she’s failing at her job and how she’s a lying liar who lies.  A grandma behind us points to her crying grandson and totally uses him as a pawn against EW.  It was epic.  EW threatens to call over security or management.  We tell her to please do.  The Manager comes over and wants to know what’s going on.  Troi is our unofficial spokeswoman and she very nicely tells him the whole story. EW is standing next to him with her arms crossed and a smug look on her face.  The Manager….don’t know his name so I’ll just call him Awesome Manager Dude….TOTALLY AGREES WITH US.  The smug look very quickly evaporates from EW’s face, only to be replaced with a look of pure, unadulterated hatred.  AMD quickly forms a second line for those who don’t mind having a picture with only stromtroopers…mostly made up of people who happened to be walking by (I felt bad for the poor troopers, they had no idea what was going on and we wanted to tell them that it had nothing to do with them).  EW walked up and down the line saying that there was a second, faster line for the troopers and NO ONE MOVED.  Seriously, it was like some crazy, instantaneous brotherhood of nerds that was as mad as hell and they weren’t gonna take it anymore (bonus points if you know what movie I stole that line from).  Darth Vader came back out about 5 minutes later and we got our GD picture.  Justiccccce!!!  I’m not gonna lie, the experience restored my faith in humanity a little.

After that we said screw it and got in the long ass line for Star Tours.  We quickly formed “fleeting line friendship #1” with a guy named Chris who had come to the park (han) solo.  He explained to us how they had a giant X-Wing in the room we were waiting in during the previews of the revamped ride.  He was kind enough to email me a picture of it.

Tada! Thanks Chris, it was nice to meet you!

The good thing was that this was the best scenario combo I’d seen yet for the ride. The bad thing was the 10 drunken idiots behind us that were shouting the whole time.  Made soooo much worse by the fact that one of them was chosen to be the rebel spy. (I might be just a little bit bitter that I’ve never been chosen as the rebel spy…ahem)

In line for Pirates and eagerly anticipating being able to sit down in the boat

After a quick jaunt over to Pirates of Caribbean (in which the girl we’d been talking to in the seat behind us fell asleep and had to be shoved off the ride), it was 4am and our last chance to ride Space Mountain.  We had been hopeful that the line would die down, but nope, there was a 140 minute wait.  We quickly formed “fleeting line friendship #2” with a lady about my mom’s age who had flown in from Arizona that morning on the 7am flight, taken a Super Shuttle to Disneyland, ridden rides all day/night by herself, then was going to take the shuttle to the Disneyland hotel, the hotel shuttle to the airport and catch a 8:30am flight back to Arizona.  The woman was a frakking rockstar.

I was on my 3rd Redbull by this time

By the time we got off Space Mountain it was 6am and the park was closing for 4 hours before they opened again at 10am.

Yes, I took a picture of the clock saying that it was 6am

We walked down Main Street with the rest of the crazies…surprisingly few people considering how crowded it was all night.  We found a drunk guy in a Ninja Turtle snuggie and had to stop and take a picture with him.

I'm pretty sure he was passed out on the sidewalk just moments before

We high-fived the Management team who were all lined up wearing Mickey hands and shouting “We did it!”

High-fives bitches! Now get your drunk asses out of our park!

We walked past the ticket booth where people were already lined up to buy tickets for the park that day.  I know it sounds weird, but it was sort of a spiritual experience walking through Disneyland while the sun came up.

Dawn at Dland

Maybe it was just the exhaustion, but that was the first and only point where I thought “dude! I was just a part of history!”

It says: I took the leap and didn't sleep. I pulled an all-nighter at Disneyland.

I’m glad I did it but I will never, ever, ever do that again.



We survived! Now lets get the fuck out of here.

Best Nerdy Cakes Ever

How did I manage to get in this predicament?!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m more of a pie girl than a cake girl…Mmmmmm…rhubarb….but one thing that cake has going for it that pie doesn’t is it’s artistic possibilities.  Seriously, you can do ANYTHING with cake.  As a Food Network afficianado I know this for a fact.

A friend recently sent me a photo of a Clone Trooper cake made by her friend Loriann at Ah, How Sweet bakery and it got me thinking about what other awesomely nerdy cakes might be out there.  The following cakes were made by Loriann: Pink Laptop, Steve Jobs Apple, Pac-Man, Starry Night, Clone Trooper, and Jack Skellington.  All of the rest I found via Google so if it’s your cake and you want credit for it, hit me up and I’ll be happy to oblige.  In an attempt to save some space (there were just too many that I loved!) I clumped some of them together.

So grab your R2D2 eggs and your whisk and get ready to see some kick ass cakes!

Let’s start with my favorite franchise, shall we?  That would be Star Trek  for any first time visitors. Here are a couple of nice insignia cakes:

Oh no! The Klingons and the Borg!

Phew! Our heroes are here to save the day.

And then, of course, there’s this:

Not creepy at all Data, not creepy at all...

On to Star Wars.  We’ve got these familiar faces:

And these:

You want to see some Doctor Who? Ok fine:

If you’re as big a fan as I am of the “Vincent and the Doctor” episode, this one is for you (add a little “For Amy” text on the cake for some extra credit):

Nothing says “I do” like a nice Aliens wedding cake:

This would be the ultimate birthday cake for my friend (and uber Ghostbusters fan) Hayden:

How about we switch gears and look at some fantasy cakes.  Here’s one for the Lord of the Rings fans:

And one for the Harry Potter crowd:

And an epic tribute to Dungeons and Dragons:

Are you a gamer?  Here you go:

Or if you’re really old school:

Or if you’re really REALLY old school:

If you’re just into math and technology in general:

But what about us comic book fans?  It’s ok, I got you covered.  Here’s all your favorite heroes in one delectable creation:


And my personal favorite:

I really missed the giant alien squid in the movie version of Watchmen but they definitely nailed this guy:

Whether you’re a Walking Dead  fan or just like zombies (that would NOT be me) this wedding cake is for you:

Nightmare Before Christmas is ridiculously awesome and also full of undead dead characters:

If you’re a child of the 80’s like me then you’ll love these.  This Bumblebee cake is from the Michael bay movies but I couldn’t find a great Bumblebee cake from the cartoon and this one is pretty awesome so I’m rolling with it (hee hee, get it?):

Heroes in a half shell!  Turtle power!

And so ends are cake odyssey.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed the trip as much as I have.  I’d like to end it on this classy note:

You're welcome.