San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (Part 2) – Costume Contest and Cosplay


Welcome to the Part 2 of my San Diego Comic Con wrap-up! This section is all about the costumes. In Part 3 I’ll finish up my wrap-up with coverage of the Joss Whedon Nerd HQ panel and the Outlander premier.

If you missed Part 1 (Panels and Floor) be sure to check it out HERE!

We’ll start with the Costume Contest that took place over at the Courtyard Marriott stage at Petco Park. It was judged by none other than Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. Getting in as Press with my NerdBFF, Geek Outlaw, meant that we had access to the section right in front of the stage. I may or may not have wandered in early by accident and snuggled right up to the edge of the stage. More than once Norman Reedus’ crotch was within a foot of my face. Which was equal parts awkward, fascinating, and amazing.


Norman Reedus Greg Nicotero Hot Nerd Girl SDCC 3

The crowned “King of Cosplay” was a cosplayer we see and take pictures with frequently, Chris Monfiletto (aka the Gregarious Geek)! I saw him with his Robot Chicken head off and literally yelped when I saw who it was. I pointed him out to Geek Outlaw and, naturally, we had to root for him!

Norman Reedus Greg Nicotero Hot Nerd Girl SDCC 1

The crowned “Queen of Cosplay” was a woman dressed as Lisa Marie‘s “Martian Girl” from Mars Attacks! The girl was amazing, she stayed in character and had the movements and attitude down pat. We also learned a nice little fun fact from Greg Nicotero while she was up there. Turns out he designed the original eyeball ring worn by the character in the movie.

Norman Reedus Greg Nicotero Hot Nerd Girl SDCC 2

All hail the King and Queen!


Here’s a video of the entire event:


The following day they competed in the Finals judged by George RR Martin! To see the rest of the costumes, check out Geek Outlaw’s full coverage of the event HERE.

Norman Reedus Greg Nicotero Hot Nerd Girl SDCC 4

Aside from the amazing costumes, it was definitely a perk to meet Greg Nicotero and Norman Reedus. Turns out Nicotero is a fellow Trekkie. I felt like we bonded a little over that.

HNG GN1Norman Reedus is a charmer and a half! He very gallantly kissed my hand and called me sweetheart. Though he’s not one of my 7 Guys Worth Nerdgasming Over, I can see why so many ladies swoon over him and I may just need to revise my list! 😉


If you want to hear even more, check out Episode 15 of Podthingy – “Nerdi Gras”

Totally random aside – turns out one of the other press ladies who we made friends with, Tara from A Geek Saga, has the same exact last-minute business cards that I do. How bizarre and funny is that?! We had to take a picture.

Hot Nerd Girl SDCCOn to Cosplay!

To be honest, I take FAR less cosplay pictures at Comic Con than I do any other convention. The reason being that there’s just. so. much. of. it. It’s EVERYWHERE. and it’s CROWDED. So trying to even take pictures is ridiculous and time consuming. Therefore, I only take them at SDCC if the opportunity is ideal or it just strikes a chord. Here’s what I ended up with. Since I dressed up as Captain Hammer and Captain Malcolm Reynolds, let’s start with Sci-Fi, shall we?

I ran into a few other Captain Hammer’s, including the guy and his family at the top of the post, and this nice gentleman who sat next to us during the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Sing-Along.

IMG_3360This Doctor is not Horrible, but I can’t help if Rose needs a second to catch her breath

IMG_3330Speaking of Doctor Who, this girl walked around in a TARDIS for at least two days of the Con.

IMG_3528We ran into this gorgeous River Song (who happens to be friend of Firefly Drinking Game contributor and Pajiba reporter Vivian Kane) while leaving Nerd HQ.

P1050110Photobombing the Emperor’s Royal Guards is risky business, but someone’s gotta do it.

IMG_3538There were a ton of these Eliott/E.T.’s all lined up doing something attention-getting. I never did find out what it was supposed to be for. Meh.

IMG_3383These were the first of many, many, many Star Trek cosplayers I saw. Seriously, there were more Trekkies than I’ve ever seen at Comic Con before. It was awesome.

IMG_3321I next saw saw this little Borg-ish Star Trek collective.IMG_3544This family was rocking the Star Trek: TOS “Arena” cosplay.


In the realm of Fantasy, we had this lovely and creative Atreyu/Falcor Neverending Story cosplay.

IMG_3586And from A Song of Ice and Fire we had Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon.

IMG_3591The crew from King’s Landing and, randomly, Khal Drogo.


And finally, Sandor Clegane aka The Hound!

P1040366This real-life Rogue‘s hair is 100% natural – how awesome is that?!

IMG_35561960’s era Batman and Rogues Gallery!

IMG_3763The Human Being from Community! #sixseasonsandamovie

Saw this guy dressed as a sharknado at the Sharknado 2 panel we were forced to sit through. The costume was super rad and creative.

IMG_3358MAC has Marge Simpson makeup now apparently.


I took this picture of Megaman for my friend Brian who’s a big fan.


I ran into this Pac-Man and ghosts group several times in one day and this picture of their backside is the best one I got o.O

IMG_3573The guy wearing Optimus Prime made these himself. Now THAT’S talent.

P1050129The delightful Tony B. Kim of Crazy4ComicCon always makes the best outfits out of Comic Con bags. Last year he made a Doctor Who jacket and Matt Smith signed it during the Hall H panel!

IMG_3589And, finally, let’s end sort of where we began, with some The Walking Dead cosplay. The Maggie, in particular, was an amazing representation.


Thanks for checking out Part 2!

If you missed Part 1, be sure to check it out. And stay tuned for Part 3 of my San Diego Comic Con wrap-up!

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Disclaimer #2: Darcy lives out on a farm and it was pouring rain when we were recording the podcast so there is one brief section in which I sound kind of like a robot because the internet connection was compromised. So have fun with that 😉

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