Star Trek: The Exhibition

Epic adorableness

It is universally known that I have the most adorable nephew on the planet.  If you were not aware of this, then you need only meet him to realize that I am absolutely correct when I make this declaration.

Now that we’ve established his awesomeness, you can see why I would try to hang out with this little bundle of rad every opportunity I get.

So when my brother discovered that his local museum was doing a Star Trek “where science meets science fiction” exhibition, he immediately texted me and said that we had to go.  I had a wedding and its various festivities on Friday night and Saturday so that left us with Sunday.

Brother + nephew + Star Trek = ftw!

Having been to The Experience in Las Vegas many, many, many times and The Tour that made its way around the country a couple years ago, I had high hopes for The Exhibition. 

Meh.  It was ok. 

It turned out to be a small collection of stuff that I’ve already seen only this time it was poorly displayed and poorly labeled (poor Troi and Riker, their wedding picture was toppled over inside a plastic dome and no one could be bothered to fix it).  The big draw was supposed to be never before seen items from the latest movie…of which I saw exactly 2 items.  What made it fun was seeing Zeke react to it.  Turns out the kid has a thing for phasers and women that take pictures of you surrounded by Tribbles.  He shows true nerd potential and if I have anything to say about it he will grow up to be a nerd to be reckoned with.

I have no idea why the Enterprise is flying across the bridge

The major bummer?  All photographs were banned except for the craptastic ones you had to pay $10 a pop for (see above).  Whatever.  I’m a rebel.  I took some pictures with my iPhone on the sly.  My brother; however, is the perfect Marine and refused to take pictures of me.  Rules shmules Michael!

We got through the whole thing in about an hour and a half (and that’s with my brother reading every single caption).

If you’re in the Riverside area, this weekend is your last chance to see Star Trek: The Exhibition. A guy that had worked some kind of effects on Star Trek: TNG was there and said he was hoping to get some of the background actors to show up on Saturday.  He didn’t seem too enthusiastic that any of them would actually show up though.

I say we all pool our money and get The Experience back open. 

I’ve got a major hankering for a Klingon Encounter.

Q'apla bitches!